Ocotillo Wells Phone Booth

Ocotillo Wells Phone Booth!

Celebrating the 10 year anniversary!
Celebration Details:
Meet at the Phone Booth on Saturday 12/28/2013 at Noon
Includes Stories of the Beginning of the Phone Booth
Stories of Trauma
Lunch to follow at the Alamo Afterword

History of the Phone Booth now found in Ocotillo Wells, former Truckhaven Area, near the Salton Sea.

The Phone booth was installed between Christmas and new years 2003

Waypoint for the Phone Booth:

N33 18.086 W116 01.771

 Phone Booth Guest Registry

In 2003 we left a paper guest register in the Ammo Box and people would sign the book having made it to this remote destination in the desert.  By the end of 2004 there were a couple of hundred people that had found and signed the register.  In 2005 the book had become full and we replaced it with a new book.  By 2006 there were so many people signing the book that we could no longer keep the book updated.  The Phone Booth literally receives several thousands of  visitors each year.

But here is the fun modern day twist:
When the Phone booth was installed it was fun because it seemed ridiculous that someone could ever make a phone call from this remote location.
But now with the Cell Phone Technology and the internet, you can stand at the phone booth and make your own phone call and connect to the internet.

Even more fun you can sign the electronic Guest Registry using your phone while standing at the Phone Booth.

So if you're at the phone now, or have recently been there
 Sign the Guest Registry Below:

Phone Booth Guest Registry

Read the Guest Registry Below

Phone Booth Guest Registry ‎(Responses)‎

Phone Booth History Log

Truckhaven Phone Booth Resurrection

Road to the Phone Booth 2008

Phonebooth at Truckhaven


Phone Booth Stories 

Do you have some great Stories or just plain Tall Tales about your Phone Booth Adventures?  I would like to post them here.  

There are lots of people that have adopted and help maintain the Booth and some have even rebuilt it.  We want to know the stories!

Send me an email with your Story and Pictures.  I will add them to this webpage.


Vandals attempted to destroy the Booth in 2013

My uncle Nathan took me to this place  with his Polaris raze.

New Chapter:  February 2019 Rockotillo Off road club
has renewed the landmark!

Thanks to Everyone for making this still fun

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