Parents:  Teach your kids this stuff, Wow it is really important.  Kids don't know these things, even most older kid don't know this stuff.  Talk through this with your kids, Show them!

Offroad Safety Rules


Preach the motto "Look around, think ahead"


Stop and look both ways when crossing a road or main trail.


Do not pass (overtake) close to someone.


Slow down when someone is coming toward you or approaching from the side.


Keep to the right when riding on a road.


Get off the trail to pass an oncoming person.


Always wear all the riding safety gear.


Stay away from people riding fast or recklessly.


Do not follow close behind someone.


Slow down when it is dusty and you can’t see well.


Avoid crowed areas. Ride away from people.


Slow down for blind corners or blind hill crests.


Slow down when you can’t see ahead.


Always be prepared to stop quickly. (Practice this)


Don’t ride through camp.


Leave yourself plenty of room from objects, stay clear, swing wide, don’t ride close.


If someone hits you, whose fault is it.

a) The person who hit you

b) Your fault

c) No buddies fault

d) It does not matter


Correct answer is "b" because you should never let anyone hit you.  You must always drive so that no one can get you.  Good question for discussion!