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Trans America Trail Long Way Down

Trans America Trail Long Way Down 
Dual Sport motorcycle route from the top corner of Maine on the Atlantic Ocean to the bottom corner of California at Mexico on the Pacific Ocean.  Over 6600 miles

About the Trail
This route was developed by Bill S as a summer adventure for himself and his son Hank.  He spent years studying and developing the route in preparation for his adventure. After riding the route, Bill has decided to share it with everyone as he realizes it will become one of the greatest adventure routes across America.
The main part of this route is based on the current proven Trans America Trail.  The main development here is the section from Pennsylvania to Maine and from Utah to Southern California.

Status of the trail
The trail has been ridden once in the summer of 2015 by Bill and Hank.  Of course there were several mistakes including gated routes that were closed and just tracks that were wrong. But by and large the trail turned out to be awesome.  To the best of our ability, we have identified and corrected all the issues.  

What is next?
We need riders to ride all or part of the trail and give us feedback and their ride data in order to further improve the route. Now we invite everyone to help us ride and improve this trail.  It is open sharing that will help us continue to improve this route for everyone.  We are fully giving out the information you need to navigate the trail.

Study the route for yourself
Study the detail of this section by clicking on the map below and zooming in.

Trans America Trail Long Way Down

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Google Spreadsheet

The GPS files for this route are given out for FREE to riders that intend to ride it.
Tell us who you are and I will send you a link to get the GPS download.

If you want me to make you a microSD card for your Garmin gps, I can but it will cost $40  

TAT Long Way Down (Scroll Down Menu)
Notes:  I suggest you plan and order early.  Normally I ship within a week.  But sometimes I run out and it can take me several weeks to get new cards and maps.  And sometimes I am out riding and building new adventures so that can be hard too.

Free Shipping

Sorry I don't have any paper maps this year, maybe next, so you will just have to study it online and use your gps and just enjoy the adventure.
Remember this is an unproven route, anything can happen so go prepared.

 The Long Way Home Blog from Bill and his son Hank
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