No Fall Policy

Everyone joining my rides must complete and sign the policy below

Ride No Fall Policy


I agree to adhere to the no fall, no crash policy.  This means I will do everything required to not allow myself or bike to become horizontal.  I understand this means that I may have to ride further away from other riders, stop and analyze an obstacle before negotiating it, look around and think ahead, or even slow down. Further I will not allow the mistake of another person or rider to cause me to go horizontal. 


Should I come to violate this policy, I agree to following conditions:

·        I will pay a fine of $10 to the Crash Kitty

·        I will offer up my apology for the violation

·        I will submit myself to a live video taping and offer my apology and my explanation of how the fault occurred and my plan to insure the mistake is not repeated.





__________________________________________ name printed



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·        Maximum fine per person per day is $20

·        Parking fall count (kickstand failures)