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In pursuit of the best motorcycle rides in life for everyone
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"Everytime we say no to a ride that is one less ride in life"
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"There are a limited number of rides in life, make sure that every ride is great"
Below you will some spectacular rides that I have ridden and helped develop. I believe in an open sharing world so I have posted these rides so that others can get the information necessary to ride them for FREE.  You can study each ride, download the gps files and plan your own adventure.  I get that some riders are not good with downloading and computers and gps, so for you all, for a small fee to cover my costs, I can make you a custom chip to install into your garmin GPS so you too can enjoy the adventure.  Help me to continue to improve these adventures by leaving comments and updates on the ride pages as your own adventure unfolds.

Here you will find over 75 ride that I have created and lead over the last 10 years.

New Added: Colorado Backcountry Discovery Route

Trans America Trail

 Great Continental Divide Ride

TransAmerica Backcountry Route

Baja California Discovery Route

 Trans Canada Adventure Bike Route 


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News: Updates on everything going on for me
April 2016
I had so much fun on the Baja ride!  And now I am working on an adventure bike style ride to the tip and back for November 
I am adopting a policy of giving all my past rides away for free, in hopes that people will contribute both with donations and adding ride information.
I will be adding to each ride webpage a form where people can enter information so that I can keep the rides up to date.
I am making and adding a new Trans America Trail from Maine to Southern California at Mexico
I am adding the Trans America Scooter route to the ride Libary

gpsTips: Check out how to use your gps on you bike, Dual Sport and Adventure bike advise

About the Roulette rides  (tough explorer rides starting in 2004)

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Custom Rides  Get gpsKevin to create a custom ride for your ride group

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