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Vanguard Haiku

January 2015

Haiku page 3

Vanguard Haiku



                    second opinion —
                    hopeless with grief
                    I feel my breast

Gautam Nadkarni



a wheelchair-bound boy
watching a kite get loose,
boundless skies above

Natalia Kuznetsova



setting sun
taking my thoughts
beyond the horizon

 Maria Tomczak


(In no particular orde4

                    cancer ward ...
                    through the thin curtain
                    the sickle moon

Cezar-Florin Ciobîcă

slug graffiti on the walls
glittering in the morning light
so much to say

Richard Kay


winter dusk —
I turn the last page
of my life

Gautam Nadkarni

sprouting from the plant
in a dead soldier’s helmet

Ronny Noor



no message
no letter
no phone call

James D. Fuson



the distant mirror
in this holiday restaurant --
my loneliness shows

Marie Shimane

human hope
long shadow between
sunrise and sunset




(Haiku of Merit, in alphabetical order)



tapping me
wind in my empty sac
as if you were here

 Maxianne Berger


full yellow moon
purple sky, my day
reaches its end

Owen Bullock

with one breath
a life begins or ends
fallen ginkgo leaves

Bill Cooper


in mom's eyes -
the clouds only she sees

Judit Katalin Hollos


ship in snowstorm
inside a tiny bottle -
winter in my mind

Judit Katalin Hollos,


artificial turf–
i place a wriggling earthworm
amongst fallen leaves

Shrikaanth Krishnamurthy

enter November
summer's still-born placenta
twisted umbrella

Martin Esposito


clear autumn night -
my astronomy lessons
lost in space

Jay Friedenberg

a few peaches
left for the birds
a few they leave for us

 Simon Hanson

black crane flies
over the borderline
the sentry sleeps

Maya Kisyova


abandoned village-
the door of the church
has a new handle

Lavana kray



ordinary woman...
walking on your last footprints
in the snow

Lavana kray



he sees my nakedness
I see his
some things change in 50 years

Marilyn Linn


Toss them on the ground
they become frost

Sally Long


gamma therapy ward -
the women in the waiting room
try on wigs

Maya Lyubenova


hotel lobby -
a mouse chases its image
on the shiny floor

Sandra Martyres


the hollow spot
to her curve…
new moon

Ben Moeller-Gaa

woods aflame
even the dying leaf
has hopes

Gautam Nadkarni


the year's end —
a palmist finds hope
in my lines

Gautam Nadkarni


the high sky...
I search the world for
the soul within

Gautam Nadkarni


‘too soon, too soon’
doves above a
small grave

ayaz daryl nielsen


men buying
what flies get for free
Mumbai street food

Ronny Noor


hawking sweets . . .
a tray on her head
with a child on her hip

Ronny Noor


elderly moment

andy pomphrey


the muezzin’s call
even the sparrows
fall silent

Brijesh Raj


full moon
revels in the secret
of reincarnation

Craig W. Steele



State of Affairs 7/11/08

U.S. crumbling,
sovereignty, freedom dying;
enemy within.

Gary James Sycalik

Today and Tomorrow 1/2/06

Up, down, back, forward,
now, one seems most important;
yet, tomorrow, not.

Gary James Sycalik