Shintai Haiku

August 2017

Haiku page 2 - Shintai Haiku

Shintai Haiku

First Place

arctic mountain

in June sunshine

at two in the morning

Timothy Murphy

Second Place


longer lasting than

the unfolding of the bud

Marie Shimane

Third Place

sunset bay –

a street sweeper collects

what remains of the day

Anthony Q. Rabang

Seven Honourable Mention

(In no particular order)

April rain

spring comes

to my step

Adelaide B. Shaw

a stack of books

growing taller

evening shadows

Agnes Eva Savich

vaccination reminders

for the dog we buried at home

summer hail

David Oates

milk moon

I think of children

I might have had

Cezar Ciobika

a breath of air

turns a petal straight

into a butterfly

Dejan Pavlinović

melting snow—

an overturned wheelbarrow

emerges from hibernation

Edward Dewar

summer breeze

through the open door

my muse slips out

Debbi Antebi


(Haiku of Merit)