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Shintai Haiku

August 2017

Haiku page 2 - Shintai Haiku

Shintai Haiku


First Place


        arctic mountain

        in June sunshine

        at two in the morning


Timothy Murphy



Second Place



longer lasting than

the unfolding of the bud


Marie Shimane



Third Place


sunset bay –

a street sweeper collects

what remains of the day


Anthony Q. Rabang




Seven Honourable Mention

 (In no particular order)


        April rain

        spring comes

        to my step


Adelaide B. Shaw


a stack of books

growing taller

evening shadows


Agnes Eva Savich



a breath of air 
turns a petal straight 
into a butterfly 

Dejan Pavlinović



vaccination reminders

for the dog we buried at home

summer hail


David Oates


melting snow—

an overturned wheelbarrow

emerges from hibernation


Edward Dewar


milk moon

I think of children

I might have had


Cezar Ciobika



summer breeze

through the open door

my muse slips out


Debbi Antebi







(Haiku of Merit)


blooming gardens

my nose goes

ahead of me


Adrian Bouter


heaven’s rain

falls gently upon the crow

and his roadkill


Ed Bremson


rain-washed dawn

veering toward oblivion

an ant on a tea leaf


Anna Cates



ripples of water

boatman bends down

to listen 


Mallika Chari


along the silk road

from branch to beetle

a jumping spider


Bill Cooper


an overturned canoe—

floating down the river

the last day of summer


Edward Dewar


blooming park -
zero-gravity space
for our puppy

Goran Gatalica


cold spring
the single line
on the pregnancy test

Jennifer Hambrick

blooming peonies
we unclench
our fists


Jennifer Hambrick 


idle afternoon 

the molehill is growing 
ever so slowly


Lyudmila Hristova


busy airport -

looking for his flight path

a monarch butterfly


Dan Iulian



grandmother’s picture

in the wedding dress –

the spider weaves a new lace


Capotă Daniela Lăcrămioara


the silence 
between morning birdsongs 
newborn's eyes 

Chen-ou Liu


childhood treehouse 
where the summer moon 
used to be 

Chen-ou Liu 


flying out

of a forgotten dream

wren song


Martha Magenta


spider silk

the pirouette

of a chrysalis


Martha Magenta



before the earth

falls silent


Martha Magenta


sharing a mandarin

under river willows...

hay-scented breeze


Marietta Jane McGregor


hint of breeze

in the Thai basil

a stick insect

Leanne Mumford



rose petal jam

lungs puffed up

with memories


Aparna Pathak



open grave

weeping into the fog

a willows new green


Adelaide B. Shaw



lingering summer 
finally the shy boy 
speaks up 

Christina Sng 


high humidity

a snail shoots love darts

at its mate


Debbie Strange



family dinner

the upside down world

of nuthatches


Debbie Strange


after the storm 

still ivy climbs 
the fallen fence


Rachel Sutcliffe



she puckers 
her sweet round lips-


David He Zhuanglang