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Haiku page 2

WHR March 2018

Haiku page 2

Shintai Haiku


First Place



        cicada song

        timeless lyrics from

        before time began


Michael Henry Lee  


Second Place


Another name

crossed out in the phone book…

another autumn


Natalia Kuznetsova



Third Place


nothing left
between us
winter moon

Andy McLellan



Seven Honourable Mention 

 (In no particular order)


        year’s end

        the last bubble

        left in my glass


Rachel Sutcliffe


the old plum tree

each year the same

each year so different


Marie Shimane


foreign battlefield 

the same weeds 
as back home 

Peter Brady



cold dewdrops
I imagine this world
without me

Gabriel Bates



shortest day

the darkness

within me too


Rachel Sutcliffe


gold flecks…

springing from the wattle

a honeyeater soars


Madhuri Pillai


typing a haiku

a woodpecker hammers into 

my muddled thoughts


Cezar Ciobika





Haiku of Merit, in no particular order)


seeking the moon
outside my window
an orphaned child

Angelo B. Ancheta


leave me alone
I’ll leave you alone
spring hornet’s nest

Fred Andrle



peach picking
juice runs
down my chin

Nancy Brady

faded carvings
in abandoned cemetery
a crow in the tree

Nancy Brady


of a butterfly wing
autumn chill

Owen Bullock

a jogger
eyes a jogger
wet lilac

Anna Cates



childhood friends
their bench under the plum tree
covered with petals

Marie Derley


Budding peonies
Taut skin bulging, presaging
Summer’s explosion

Katarina Graah-Hagelbäck

the butterflies fly
from flower to flower

Eufemia Griffo

the howling
of white wolves
white moon

John J. Han

burst of wind—
the hummingbird grasps
a blueberry stem

Elizabeth Howard


in the cathedral
my feet splashing
through rainbows of light

Marilyn Humbert


young leaves –
ladybird feet
scatter grazing aphids

Marilyn Humbert

clear pond...
my mother looks
back at me

Samantha Sirimanne Hyde


first love...
inside a dusty book
a pressed orchid

Samantha Sirimanne Hyde

the tree cries
with a woman’s soul
autumn sadness

Ani Staykova Ivanova

the last one
to leave the bus
winter sunset

David Jacobs

an ambulance
at the speed of light
winter stars

David Jacobs


sparkles of hoarfrost 
memories of mom now 
my diamonds . . . 

Jeanne Jorgensen

awake early 
mountain dawn shattered 
by coyotes’ first barks 

Jeanne Jorgensen


I hear you 
but don’t see you 
canyon wren 

Deborah P Kolodji


the first crocuses-
deeper is the silence of
the cricket requiem

Nina Kovacic

downcast moon—
a beggar stares into
his empty cup

Michael H. Lester


they cling stubbornly
even as winter deepens—
red maple's dead leaves

Priscilla Lignori


my overuse
of commas

Martha Magenta

the snowdrops
shimmy in the breeze
dancing troupe

Patricia Massey


antique shop –
the shadows vibrate
at every ringing

Radka Mindova


elephant grasses
bowing down -
the weight of sparrows

Precious Oboh


a cherry petal
ousted from a branch
by a raindrop

Dejan Pavlinović


house for sale
in the front of it a quince tree
full of fruits

Djurdja Vukelic Rozic


global warming
ice in Paris
still ice

Srinivasa Rao Sambangi


dandelion puffs
hundreds of wishes
with one breath

Adelaide B. Shaw


in sultry bed
drunken memories

R.K. Singh


last day of the year
leaving the vet office

Robin Smith


nettle season
learning nonchalance
from my cat

Christina Sng


foggy morning
only the kettle

Rachel Sutcliffe


ancient ruins -
spring rain speaks
a forgotten tongue

Maria Laura Valente


in the park just us and
cherry trees in bloom

Steliana Cristina Voicu