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Vanguard Haiku

August 2017

Haiku page 3 - Vanguard Haiku

Vanguard Haiku

First Place


            lover's touch

            the peony unfolds

            pink by pink


Debbi Antebi


Second Place



crossing the border

I become someone



Ernest Wit


Third Place



winter wind

the way her nipples crinkled  

a lover long dead


David Oates







Seven Honourable Mention 

(In no particular order)


        ice cold water

        tasting the numbness

        of your absence


Raamesh Gowri Raghavan




the blinking cursor …

writer's block


Amy Losak


on a bicycle 

learning to balance again—

sixty-three years young 


Priscilla H. Lignori 


thinking about you

over the time it takes

a dewdrop to fall


Michael Galko


Syrian truce

first snow falling on

a roofless town


Damir Janialija


lived alone

the phone rings

in the dead man’s house


David Oates


what dreams

are made of -

spider silk


Debbi Antebi





 (Haiku of Merit)


pitch black sea

the deep end

of grief


Debbi Antebi




as we get older

tears in our eyes


 Owen Bullock


One white petal
From the sumptuous garden
Of my nemesis

Erin C. Castaldi



after divorce

plucking fleas off 

her cat's fur


Cezar Ciobika


rapeseed field
trying to help me
understand God

Cezar Ciobika


longing for
your gentle touch
meteor shower

Cezar Ciobika


the wounded rabbit
senses that the grass he lies in
will also die someday.

Ken Gaertner


even the water
on the otter’s back
is playful


Michael Galko



In the rear view mirror--

               towns, children, wives.


How quickly

                          they fall away!


D.G. Geis


glazier inspects
his work


Nikolay Grankin


a ray of sunlight
and I

Eufemia Griffo

abstain from killing…
learning it
then slapping a mosquito

John J. Han



rock bridge
how long it's been
since we spoke

John Hawk


electronic mail...
a mesh of cobwebs
in the post box

Samantha Sirimanne Hyde


Auschwitz camp.
from my winter coat
a button fell off

Damir Janialija


tugging each foot
out of the mire with each step
my life still stuck

Jim Krotzman


a highway
between the two worlds
no passage

Natalia Kuznetsova

in some unknown land ... 
dad's vacant eyes

Natalia Kuznetsova


sunset on the sea - 
an orange life jacket 
floating by itself 

Natalia Kuznetsova


two people
a shadow –
argentine tango

Capotă Daniela Lăcrămioara


shopping cart
she rolls her world
down the street


Michael H. Lester


grandma's house
the normal rules
no longer apply


Michael H. Lester


the sound
of an approaching stampede
high school lunch bell

Michael H. Lester


the internet down
circling around the room
an elusive fly

Priscilla H. Lignori 


with his wings outstretched
he’s steadier than the kite ―
crow riding the wind

Priscilla H. Lignori

sultry night
our lips just shy
of touching

Chen-ou Liu


hospital parking lot –
the free places only
by mortuary


Tomislav Maretić


world in peace…
the TV out of order
for months


Radka Mindova


my plane
above a plane
above the clouds

Ben Moeller-Gaa


figures sculpted
on ancient temple walls-
still look at us

Aju Mukhopadhyay 


cobweb fragility
while the world drives on


Timothy Murphy


jet lag
wishing morning
were night


Timothy Murphy


worn slippers-
the tiredness
of an impending journey

Ashish Narain


both you
and the moon tonight
a second late

Lee Nash


sky ablaze

another day melts down

into silhouettes


Dottie Piet



three turns of a pen

thoughts roll out slowly

into the night

 Dottie Piet


lengthening shadows
a crow’s dirge swells
in the dusk

Madhuri Pillai


Temple of Apollo
sea breeze brushing
the strings of his lyre

Ivan Randall


Many may watch me
but not as you do
the way you care

Riitta Rossilahti


beneath the spring leaves
the murmuring of secrets
of all that could be

Marie Shimane


on my finger 
ley lines 

Christina Sng 


drift away


Luisa-Evelina Stifii


our shadows mingle
then separate

Debbie Strange


chili pepper –
the waiting
before the interview


Steliana Cristina Voicu