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Haiku page 1

WHR June 2015
Haiku page 1

 Neo classical Haiku



First Place 

          pea tendrils 
          spiral up stalks 
          of falling snow 

Tyson West 



Second Place 

smell of earth 
turned inside out 
spring plowing 

Joyce Lorenson



Third Place 

ashes to ashes... 
the young widow looks up - 
double rainbow 

Natalia Kuznetsova 




Seven Honourable Mention

(In no particular order)



        miniature avalanches 
        slip from the plum tree 
        …first of spring 

Maya Lyubenova




the path turns to mud — 
great hope of catching a glimpse 
of the waking frogs 

Priscilla Lignori



empty park, 

snow on our bench 
instead of us 

Mojgan Soghrati 


after vernal floods - 
our spider in the basement 
resumes its work 

Natalia Kuznetsova 


silver jubilee - 
the cherry planted that day 
blossoming anew 

Natalia Kuznetsova 




melting ice rink 
her blades get deeper 
into the sun 

Alexey Andreev


rice plants sprout 
among stars 

Cezar-Florin Ciobîcă







Haiku of Merit,

(in alphabetical order)



spring dusk 
we trek downwards holding 
onto our lightness 

Ramesh Anand


earth rhythms
crickets serenading
a full moon 

Anna Cates



cicada plainsong 
the sun lingers in 
the olive field 

Paul Chambers




morning haze 
a lawnmower scatters 
grass scent 

Paul Chambers 



white blossoms... 
brisk petals bring 
a fleeting joy 

Jesus Chameleon




long twilight - 
the cry of the last crane 
wanders from the flock 

Iulian Ciupitu 


equally playful - 
the kite and the wind 

Iulian Ciupitu 

the horse’s mane 

and my hair fluttering - 
spring wind 

Iulian Ciupitu



spring grass 
overnight hail 

John J. Han 




on my faith tonight— 
quarter moon 

Devin Harrison




spring reverie-- 
pondering the language 
of birds 

Devin Harrison 




spring wind 
the wild geese’s course 
hitting turbulence 

Elizabeth Howard



harvest night-- 
the linchpin in my knee creaking 
my back saddle-sore 

Elizabeth Howard 




the sepia photos... 
memories of spring 

Arvinder Kaur



kite flying day-- 

we lean closer 
to each other 

Arvinder Kaur



early spring 

cascading through bare branches 
robin song 

David Kelly


spring growth 
immature shadows 
growing darker 

David Kelly 




brand new butterfly 
iridescent scales sparkle 
on my fingertips 

David Kelly

two butterflies 
twirling toward 
a bed of flowers 

Anne Kim 

cherry blossoms rain- 
I turn my umbrella 

Lavana Kray 

do you hear 
the drainpipe's drumming? 
spring thaw at last 

Gérard Krebs 

the soft warmth 
of my child's breath— 

Shrikaanth Krishnamurthy 

suddenly too warm for 
the silk bed jacket 

Adele Krusz 

Greenhouse - 
everyone buying 
the smell of Spring 

Adele Krusz

after the rain 
a butterfly 
in myriad drops 

Lydia Lecheva 

she puts on 
green underwear - 
first day of spring

Lydia Lecheva 


spring dawn 
i manage to sleep 
trough the best parts 

Michael Henry Lee


forsythia buds — 
countless golden beginnings 
on a single branch 

Priscilla Lignori



play time -- 
the rainbow 
on the soap bubble 

Kumarendra Mallick


in a thicket 
the quail alone knows 
of her eggs 

Marietta McGregor


The morning mist roams 
back and forth like a 
voiceless wanderer. 

Joan McNerney


the blossoming cherry trees
we both say
Let’s remain friends 

Radka Mindowa 

scattering lights 
from the first train 
on the frost 

Takashi Nakamura 

Winter slips away 
on a sheet of ice– 
mist covers the buds 

Lee Nash


gravel road 
the pull-out paved 
with butterflies 

Nola Obee 

thawing wind 
the poodle's manicured feet 
caked with mud 

Polona Oblak 


bridal look-- 
spring arrives in 
my loneliness 

Pravat Kumar Padhy 

April morning 
alternately sweater 
and jacket 

Iwona Peplińska


snow melts 
the last drop 
in the bowl of the beggar 

Diana Petkova


the world ends 
in the garden 

Gabriel Sawicki 

First drops of rain 
a rose past its prime 
loses a petal 

Adelaide B. Shaw 

dying campfire — 
the cricket's song 
a familiar tune 

Carl Seguiban


by the weight of snow 
the bamboo bounces back 

Marie Shimane 

spring morning 
ripples of laughter 
in the bedroom 

Diana Teneva


two butterflies . . . 
the age-old dance 
of spring 

Bill Waters

convalescence - 
the first blackbird song 
of spring 

Juliet Wilson


spring vacation 
starts with the travel section 
coffee in bed 

Neal Whitman


spring thunder 
in the striking of drumsticks 
the heart flutters 

John Zheng



A young man photographs 
An old man painting 
A flowering plum 

Robert Witmer


spring thaw… 
a little boy asks me 
about time 

Ali Znaidi

spring joy… 
roses bloom in the beggar’s 

Ali Znaidi