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Haiku page 3, Vanguard

WHR June 2015
Haiku page 3

Vanguard Haiku


First Place

                arm of the cross —
                temporary resting place
                for the wandering crow

Priscilla Lignori

Second Place


the joy of being

Sanjuktaa Asopa

Third Place


kite festival
untangling the strings
that bind us

Tracy Davidson




Seven Honourable Mention

(In no particular order)


       white lilac
       scenting the silence
      in the waiting room

Cezar-Florin Ciobîcă

whirlpool of blossoms
outside the nursing home
our last visit

Natalia Kuznetsova

mother’s bracelet
in the pawn shop window
I sell my soul

Tracy Davidson


the wind shows its face
and it shows it to the grass
the wind looks like grass

Martin Esposito

loves me, loves me not -
did the passion outlive
the flower?

Madhuri Maitra

all finite things
vanish into infinity save
you and me

Aju Mukhopadhyay


slow traffic
on my radio
Bach's fugue

Cezar-Florin Ciobîcă



Zatsuei  Haiku of Merit,

(in alphabetical order)


85th birthday
not quite old enough
for golf

Maxianne Berger


broken wing mirror
the glass
still in the deer’s throat

Tracy Davidson


Mythological haiku
printed with spring tissue
of my green memory

Goran Gatalica

a bare statue -
her admirers

гола статуя -
поклонниците й
добре облечени

Dilyana Georgieva

dog flat on the porch
flies buzz at the screen
time too hot to tick

Jim Grotkowski

Flightless butterflies
burrow deeper inside cocoon,
dream of wings to come.

A.J. Huffman

evening jogging
more and more slender
my shadow

Janina Kołodziejczyk

big city lights –
the flash of your eyes
in the crowd

Marek Kozubek

a fine dinner
a glass of wine –
unexpected tears

Joseph M. Kusmiss

strange word,
familiar feeling –

Natalia Kuznetsova


a long winding tunnel --
the sound outruns
the light

Kumarendra Mallick

the grass doesn't strive
to understand happiness
just to reach the sun

Jai M. McGrainer


rubbing hands and feet
it lands on my food
who said flies aren't clean?

Sreelatha Nair


a streak of cloud
the hilltop split
from the hill

Nola Obee


at the edge
of the milky way
a kitten's purr

Polona Oblak


drop by drop—
the stillness of the
flowing sound

Pravat Kumar Padhy

that smile
becomes a song
time for bed

andy pomphrey


calm after the storm
when lovers become strangers
only their phones rest

Ana Prundaru


misty morning sun
journey through eternity
unfolded conscience

Abdullah Abdul Rahman


drawing a line
between the sacred and profane

Ivan Randall


red poppies
the Tower of London
less grey

Vessislava Savova

beach combing...
I find everything
except love

Shloka Shankar


the river
in its aged reflection
my mother in me

Marie Shimane



between us
raindrops on the pane
each follows its own way

Magda Sobieszek


remains of erstwhile rails
beneath the new grass
road continues

Vania Stafanova


cows and calves
bawling at weaning time
my breasts ache

Debbie Strange



Blue birds’ flights of joy
once upon a summer’s morn;
laughter given wings.

Gary James Sycalik




Dreams behind the dreams
swirl in faded memories;
distant, yet so near.

Gary James Sycalik



We are in ruins,
civilization, that is;
amidst our success.

Gary James Sycalik


in the hay loft
a cat waits for a mouse
to snap the trap

Carmel Lively Westerman

debris strewn beach -
the former fishermen
gather rubbish

Juliet Wilson