Vanguard Haiku

WHR Jan 2017

Haiku page 3

Vanguard Haiku

First Place

no place to go

the urban dreams

of banyan roots

Brijesh Raj

Second Place

Third Place

mountain trail

a rope bridge across

my fear

Polona Oblak

icy flowers on window

table sour wine

time for a new man

Lydia Lecheva

Seven Honourable Mention

(In no particular order)

like you

the poems you left

will not stop talking

Tyson West

Gone in a week's time;

the impression of her scent

on my pillowcase.

Andrew Dion


nothing but moonlight

on your pillow

Simon Hanson

autumn of life -

I still hope to be forgotten

in a cake shop

Dan Iulian

the odds

of his dying before me...

snow mixes with rain

Polona Oblak

pedant neighbor

the missing stepping stone

in his pond garden

Aparna Pathak

Restless paths

on each side the footsteps

of your silence

Luisa Santoro


(Haiku of Merit)