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Vanguard Haiku

WHR Jan 2017
Haiku page 3

Vanguard Haiku


First Place 

            no place to go
            the urban dreams
            of banyan roots

Brijesh Raj


Second Place 

mountain trail
a rope bridge across
my fear

Polona Oblak


Third Place 

icy flowers on window
table sour wine
time for a new man

Lydia Lecheva


Seven Honourable Mention 
(In no particular order)


        like you 
        the poems you left 
        will not stop talking 

Tyson West


Gone in a week's time;
the impression of her scent
on my pillowcase.

Andrew Dion


nothing but moonlight
on your pillow

Simon Hanson


autumn of life -
I still hope to be forgotten
in a cake shop

Dan Iulian

the odds
of his dying before me...
snow mixes with rain

Polona Oblak


pedant neighbor
the missing stepping stone
in his pond garden

Aparna Pathak

Restless paths
on each side the footsteps
of your silence

Luisa Santoro




(Haiku of Merit)


lost in the graveyard
gray ghosts greet me drearily
I died yesterday

Niloufar Behrooz




Sobriety is
like avoiding a hitman
fifteen feet away

Andrew Dion


reminiscing on old love… 
the fireplace embers 
turn to ash 

Jay Friedenberg 


buddha by the roadside 
my less certain self 
stops to pray 

Jay Friedenberg


winter oak
my mind also
stripped bare

Ben Moeller-Gaa



caress her cheek
blue eyes close, and mine
in our dark, perfume

Jim Grotkowski


shooting star
she makes a wish
not for sharing

John Hawkhead



His proposal
my consent
our spring

Aziza Hena


in lotus it is
easier to focus on
the legs than the mind

Marcy Rae Henry


triptych (buenos aires):

where did you come from
to be here now? we will sleep
with bodies touching


in these next moments
i will see you and you will
be closer than now


when the last leaf falls
you will be so far away
for you it will be summer

Marcy Rae Henry

years later
the sadness in your passing...
mackerel sky

Michael Henry


a holy cross
then left of the church spire
a mobile tower

Richard Kay


dying embers …
a cool silence
between us

David J Kelly


thanksgiving dinner
between mouthfuls
pin-drop silence

Chen-ou Liu


I still look at them
all the beautiful women
but they don’t look back

James McEnteer

the sopranos start
the tenors join them
at last, the organ wakes up

Kent Neal


moon walk
he abandoned his home
never to return

Akor Emmanuel Oche


dried rose -
bouncy days
of my diary

Aparna Pathak



train's window —
she smiles
at my reflection

Minh-Triêt Pham


real estate agency —
in the showcase the reflection
of a homeless man

Minh-Triêt Pham



day of the Baptism —
on the brand new tablecloth
a drop of red wine

Minh-Triêt Pham


evening light fills
my empty cup

Dottie Piet


mound of rubble
in the crook of the arm
her dead baby

Madhuri Pillai


funeral service
under the pew
a trodden flower

Madhuri Pillai


my pillows
twin bed

Anthony Q. Rabang

he bends
tying nuptial knot
good start

Srinivasa Rao Sambangi

the tree of life
the stage is ready
for a new play

Vessislava Savova


knotted branches
my mixed feelings
about you

Christina Sng


echolocation . . .
the loves we have lost
and found

Debbie Strange


the winter roses
from your garden
funeral wreath

Rachel Sutcliffe


belated tango –
can I still
love you

Diana Teneva


Blow out the candles
before curiosity
ignites nosey cat.

Giles L. Turnbull


A pink child sledging
giggles past shining saucers
and wild soaked cardboard

Michele Waering