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Shintai haiku

WHR January 2016

Haiku page 2 

Shintai Haiku


First Place


                half-moon in a foreign sky
                the other half
                I keep at home

Lydia Lecheva

Second Place


fissured fields
watering the crop
with his tears

Dr Brijesh Raj

Third Place


ice fog
everything familiar

Debbie Strange





Seven Honourable Mention 

(In no particular order)


            at sunset 

            the young pine’s shadow 

            taller than pines


Patrick Doerksen 


a hallelujah --
brightness pierces from behind
billowing winter clouds

Jennifer Hernandez


mailbox peeks above
shoulder-high piles of snow
lone sentinel


Jennifer Hernandez 

Ten degrees bright frost
ten inches unwelcome rain
all one winter day

Michele Waering

frosted trunk…
the futile beak strikes
of a woodpecker

Ali Znaidi

Sip of ice cream soda
never lasted long enough,
just like childhood.

 Terry Adams


foggy window pane -- 

the child scribbles 
a smiley 

Kumarendra Mallick