Indian Harvest, March 2008 - 2

Indian Harvest

World Haiku Review, Volume 6 Issue 2 (Part 2) - March 2008

Indian Harvest

A collection of haiku poems from India

Compiled by Kala Ramesh and Susumu Takiguchi

(Selected by authors themselves.

Presented in the alphabetical order of first names or Initials.)

hot afternoon

a carter wipes his hand

on the donkey's back

A. Thiagarajan

the heron's nest - dec. 07

water splashing inside

swishing the edge of the boat-

dark green lotus leaves, close

Aju Mukhopadhyay

New Year's Day

I write a check

with the wrong year

Amitava Dasgupta

removing an icicle

from the garden Buddha's nose

I sneeze

Angelee Deodhar

taking off—

we climb above

an eagle's flight

B. Vadivelrajana

winter eve

the roadside chaiwalla

makes more money


*chaiwalla – tea maker

between the toes

of two lovers —

the moon

Charishma Ramchandani

the heron's nest - september, 2006


the sleeping newborn

throws up her arms

Chitra Rajappa

neighbor's tree

its shade on my side

of the wall

Gautam Nadkarni

a lone tree

shares a barren field—

childhood home

Geethanjali Rajan

autumn breeze

the tree lets go a leaf

into ballet

G S P Rao

still winter night

wind chimes chime

as I close the door

Harish Suryanarayana

(In Hindi)

saanjh hotey hi

beth gaya aasan pe

rishi suraj

as soon as it is evening

it sits on a mat

— the sage sun

Jagdish Vyom

half-empty train

the hand-holds sway

in unison

Johannes Manjrekar

fierce bull...

a little bird

on the hump

K. Ramesh

the heron's nest – 04

full moon

a glowing taj mahal

on river yamuna

Kala Ramesh

mainichi daily news - dec. 07

dawn. . .

as the canoe settles

the flight of egrets

Kalpana R.J

monsoon rain—

no dogs to chase

me tonight

Kameshwar Rao

loneliness —

a seagull adrift

on an ice sheet

Kumarendra Mallick

the flowers

droop in a vase—

low battery

Malini Rao

backyard . . .

against the wall

a custard apple tree

Minal Sarosh

downpour –

in the pail rests

a tiny pool

Mukul Dahal

tides wash away

sands of Puri and

our body prints

N. K. Singh

lotus pond—

a frog sleeps

on the moon

Narayanan Raghunathan

Tinywords, June 2007

a fleecy cloud

rests on the mountain

winter morning

Parimala Rao

night stroll . . .

a rose petal

stuck in the thorns

Puja Maluste


by the spider's thread—

a wanton leaf

R.K. Singh

flood of dawn. . .

the morning star


Raju Samal

where's security. . .

she is insecure

even in the womb

Reshma Jain

dawn on Dal Lake

emerging from the mist

the flower boat

Rohini Gupta

the heron's nest - March 08

transparent vase

the bouquet stands

at arm's length

S. Abburi

monsoon clouds . . .

a herd of water buffalo

wades into the pond

Srinjay Chakravarti

the heron's nest - June 2007

slow traffic

a vilambit teen taal

on my radio

Usha Kiran

pink bougainvillea

pierced by the thorns

a leaf turns brown

Vidur Jyoti

moonlit night

geometry forms itself

on the wall


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