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Shintai Haiku

WHR Jan 2017
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Shintai Haiku



First Place 

            Crickets in night air 
            Tibetan throat singers 
            hold their breath in unison. 

Sandra J. Anfang 

Second Place

    autumn crow 
    alone in a forest 
    of colour 

Gus McLean


 Third Place 

    after divorce – 
    the sound of rain 
    fills the room 

Capotă Daniela Lăcrămioara 

Seven Honourable Mention 
(In no particular order) 

        calm water…
        the urge to walk these stars
        as stepping stones

Adjei Agyei-Baah

cold silence –
in the wake of the swan
the tremor of the moon

Dan Iulian

full moon - naked
dancing with a veil
of snowflakes

Lydia Lecheva

no moon
that night our eyes
wouldn’t meet

Brijesh Raj


friends in all weathers

Adjei Agyei-Baah


red dragonfly
recalling her blush
from fifty years ago

John J. Han


white nights
lost in translation of
the Eskimo words for snow

Zornitza Harizanova




(Haiku of Merit)


only two windows lit
in the skyscraper

Alexey Andreev

sudden calm

               the thud

                      of a fallen



Billy Antonio


Cold waves erase
our boot prints and chatter

Jean Biegun


bridges burn
during sunset...
frozen river

Adrian Bouter


cold beauty sparkles
as frost paints wonderful webs 
when spiders are gone

Colin W Campbell



Treading upon

the yellow leaves on the streets –

my dad’s dementia.


Vassilis Comporozos


seaweed clings

to an edge of the lobster trap

windswept beach


Bill Cooper


a path between the trees

under the overripe cornel-tree

a red moon 

път между дърветата

под презрелия дрян

червена луна


Maria Dermendzhieva


autumn moon

on father's pathway



Goran Gatalica


autumn vigil
the buzz of crickets who
stay up all night

John J. Han


Same flower shop

this Spring he bought roses

for her funeral   


Aziza Hena


neglected graveyard

grasses whisper

stories untold


Elizabeth Howard


late autumn,
stamped on my letters
'return to sender'

Samantha Sirimanne Hyde


winter moonlight
on the migrant's face
crisscross of wrinkles

Chen-ou Liu


even the pigsty
stopped smelling like anything
under the first snow

Cristian Mocanu



the vineyard full of grapes -
the father`s carafe

Ecaterina Neagoe

white chrysanthemums
without fragrance

Gennady Nov


waning moon -

flawless p's and q's

on the last date


Aparna Pathak


In a naked tree 
a squirrel's autumn dance 
joy in the tail 

Riitta Rossilahti


tiniest pearl
in the oyster shell
faraway star


Christina Sng