Haiku page 1

WHR December 2011

Neo-Classical Haiku


First Place


                    the last rays of the sun
                    kite goes home

aju mukhopadhyay


Second Place

                  he loves me not –
                    only three petals left
                    on the daisy

 Susan Constable


Third Place


                    eighty winters –
                    he shaves
                    the deep wrinkles

 Carmel Lively Westerman

Seven Honourable Mentions

(in no particular order)

            lit up

            by sheet lightning
            spear grass

 Patricia Prime


            rubberneckers -

            a skirt swirls in the
            autumn wind

Carmel Lively Westerman


            out in the evening --

            the full moon behind clouds
            teaches me patience 

Priscila H. Lignori


(Haiku of Merit ,

in no particular order in terms of merit)



at the hummingbird feeder

but autumn mist

Anita Virgil


so eager to be

the late winter flower

Marie Shimane


pulling free

from the needle’s eye
winter wool

Patricia Prime



the symphony of the crickets
at a crescendo

 Adjei Agyei-Baah


spring spirits
two doves
chase each other

 Joseph M. Kusmiss


 the lawn mower

stops with a groan
summer grass

Yinghong Lu


Harvest moon

through latticed window.
shadows intersect.


cling to aspen leaf--
just for today.

Kamal Parmar


A rainy day
watered the dry fields-
a leaking roof.

Rizvana Parveen 



from the umbrella spine
the winds of autumn

 Raffael de Gruttola


spring night

owl mates calling
loud as the moon

silver dawn

scent of plum blossoms
heightened by the rain

lavender rose

open so completely
to the sound of birds

kate s. godsey


park bench
she puts acorns
in his ears

Owen Bullock


sparrows still
at the window sill ~
winter shower

withered fields ~
children in tattered clothes
play foot ball

rice plants
sway in golden breeze ~
the still twilight sun

Narayanan Raghunathan


Lost in the fog.
fall and fall.

Volker Friebel


moonlit pond --
fish swim from the shallows
into shadows

summer night --
the cereus vine stars
twine towards the moon

CaroleAnn Lovin


steadfast plough
pulling slowly through the oats
a centipede

Maxianne Berger


Across the road
like mice they scurry
dry leaves of winter

 John Hamley


pulling the blanket
tight around my ears
midwinter nigh

a hickory log
crackles in the fire grate
another year ends

John Daleiden


wild yellow irises
clog waterways, paddles dip
canoes swish

 Sterling Haynes


cold rain
old fountains splash

Sue Burke


autumn heritage
peeling and boiling apples
rust-colored thumbs

evening fog

autumn leaves
dripping gold

 Marilyn Potter

the thickest radish
of course it’s
a full moon

john martone


brown praying mantis
poised sedately between leaves
as if giving thanks

Gillena Cox


season’s end
moods change as well
a day breaks

Dave Wood

high wind warning

a lone red leaf
clings to a thrashing limb

barn eaves

potter wasps
molding clay bowls

Elizabeth Howard


            autumn –

            silently sliding into

Marie Shimane


            New Year's Day
            our sharp words
            our sad eyes

Peggy Heinrich


        autumn solitude . . .
        the beautifully furnished room
        so empty

Anita Virgil


            winter wedding
            no confetti
            only snowflakes

André Surridge


autumn leaves
kids busy collecting

P K Padhy

time lag
a single leaflet twirls
the subway light

Hi-Young Kim


blue dragonfly hovers
the length of the oar

Hans Jongman

midwinter spring

the far side of each wave
a little brighter

Susan Constable


November afternoon
a brisk walk to the mailbox-
the last dandelion

 Christopher Hicks


sea foam
a small heron unseen
in the vastness

blooming garden
a lone wasp disappears
and appears again

police station
its garden chock-full
of roses

Rosa Clement


The rain turns to ice --
branches shimmer like tinsel
under the street lights

on a village road

they scatter like children --
wind-blown autumn leaves

Priscila H. Lignori

In the sky one star

brighter than others -
take me to Christmas

Riitta Rossilahti 

snow on the bench
frozen creek
still I come here

flutter with light
windy hillside

one white butterfly
chases another
into the sun

Marje A. Dyck


night-long snow
around the bird feeder
an assortment of tracks

Peggy Heinrich


from the apple tree
a red bird watches
the swirling snow

daybreak & still the snow falls

I sift powdered sugar
on my pancakes

Anita Virgil


night shift
only the air-conditioner
is not mute

a teddy bear
is held closer

Snehith Kumbla


the oak
is losing its leaves
am I losing you

her text...
it's all over
snow turns to slush

 André Surridge


the one star
and then only nothing
deep winter night

a tuft of snow
on the still wind-chime
morning sunlight

Bruce Ross


northern gust
a tumbleweed crosses
with the snow

last leaves
in tattered shadows
frost moon

flake by flake
the branches bowed
old pine

Ann K. Schwader


waning moon-
just a few gold leaves
on the aspen tree

nip in the air-
the apple orchard rife
with rosy cheeks

shorter days-
my five o'clock shadow

Pamela Cooper


bright moon -
whiff of her scent

Angelo B. Ancheta


after many months
of winter
light pains the eyes

Lucille Raizada


world tilts
day’s light waning
last rose

a whorl
wind dancing
autumn leaves

 Sandy Vrooman


winter morning
the last man in queue smiles
on reverse counting

P K Padhy

an empty nest
showing through the branches -
autumn sunset

Natalia Kuznetsova