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Haiku 2 - Shintai

March 2013

 Haiku page 2 - Shintai

First Place


        blizzard on the way
        my immigrant past

 Chen-ou Liu 

 Second Place

butterfly chasing butterfly
who knows
what dreams may come?

Rebecca Drouilhet

Third Place


High up in a birch
larks' duet - the wind
blows it to the skies

Riitta Rossilahti 

Seven Honourable Mentions 
(in no particular order)


        thoughts of home
        drip from a roof icicle
        Chinese New Year

Chen-ou Liu

moonlit pond ...
the sound of water brings 
news of a dead frog

(for Onishi Yasuyo)
Chen-ou Liu

time travel...
the ancient music
just wind in the oaks

Rebecca Drouilhet


waiting for lovers
our old bench in the park
vernal equinox

Natalia Kuznetsova

no one going
in my direction
drifting leaves

Susan Constable


potter's hand
on a blue jug
a moulded memory

Arvinder Kaur


bed bound -
watched by
falling snow

Robert Davey

(Haiku of Merit , in the alphabetical order of authors’ surname)

one end of the lake
to the other --
pink sky

S.M. Abeles

night meditation
the calmness of receding

Ramesh Anand

 Normandy Haiku


A stand of bamboo
Interrupts the view.
Vallée des fleurs.

Michael Baron

grey day
from out of the doldrums
a floral umbrella

Maxianne Berger

holding out
for another grandchild
my old high chair

Cathy Drinkwater Better


Grasgeflüster -

bis zu den Schwalben
Licht mit dem Wind

grass whispering -
to the swallows
light with the wind

Gerd Börner

Happily I lose
Playing chess with dad
On his birthday

Raj K. Bose


the dent
of a small hand 
on her breast

Belinda Broughton

against the cow’s belly 
the scent of grass

Belinda Broughton


sepia light
creeps over the hill's crest...
mooing of cows

Dawn Bruce

sea spray and mist
along the promenade
falling in love

Dawn Bruce

lights out
I too am part
of the dark

Karen Cesar

first day alone . . .
holding my coffee cup
in both hands

Susan Constable

first trumpet lesson
where to empty
the spit valve

Bill Cooper

oak leaves tremble
the growl
of a chainsaw

Jim Davis


the cat and i
exchange glances

Ben Moeller-Gaa

cherry tree barren
dreaming of an end to pain
icicles melting

Paul Hellweg


Red sky
sometimes I wish
folk wouldn't tell me
of plans for tomorrow.

Colin Stewart Jones


laundry day
buying another cycle
with the found change

Alexander B. Joy


some dreams remain dreams
even when they come true...
cherries in blossom

Natalia Kuznetsova


a new record

at the feeder
17 bluejays

Joseph M. Kusmiss

a winter sunset--
the day's unanswered questions 
simply disappear

Priscilla Lignori

the moment the seed
from the birch touches the ground 
it is touched by it 

Priscilla Lignori

shimmering horizon
in the distance
here I stand alone

Marilyn Linn

confessions graphitized

on the wall of a white church
Easter sunlight

Chen-ou Liu

new home
I trip over old roots
in the garden

Máire Morrissey-Cummins

city noon
sun lights up
street lamps

Máire Morrissey-Cummins


train platform
a pigeon skids to a halt
on bird droppings

Máire Morrissey-Cummins

Apple scent,
near the stove,
mother’s cake.

Lili Racheva

On the lawn
my sunlit green shadow -
full of hope

Riitta Rossilahti


fishing the river

shore to shore

Adelaide B. Shaw

she finds me

walking at the lake again
blue heron

Mike Shaw

rustle in the grasses—
closer to my sleeping bag 
a lizard

Vania Stefanova

a few drops of rain
helping spring
to keep her promise

Athena Zaknic