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Haiku 3: Vanguard Haiku

August 2012

Vanguard Haiku

First Place

                    Lazy afternoon
                    a river flows --
                    because it has to

        Armando H. Corbelle

Second Place

        post office
        the woman I almost married
        smiles hello

Howard Lee Kilby

Third Place

        Linen sheets
        shadows of love
        salvaged by morning sun.

Helen Frost


Seven Honourable Mentions

 (in no particular order) 


                 summer chill --
                suddenly in midlife
                I'm an orphan

    Carol Raisfeld, USA

in the dark
with my conscience

Joseph M. Kusmiss


a blind wall
arising between us -
Indian summer

Natalia Kuznetsova

bamboo grove
he dreams of living
a monk’s life

Adjei Agyei-Baah


Midnight sun.
Clouds don't hide the light
in the fjord.

Volker Friebel

flow of river--
I gather wisdom
at every turn

Pravat Kumar Padhy


musical evening
the frog punctuates

Cynthia Rowe



(Haiku of Merit , in no particular order in terms of merit but in the alphabetical order of authors’ surname)


summer lust
ripe blueberries
where her eyeballs were

S.M. Abeles


Wedding Day―
seeing in each other
what others see not

Adjei Agyei-Baah

a yellow lotus
unfolding its noiseless leaves
the other name of love

after Herman Melville

Maxianne Berger


a stranger's trumpet
in that hot night
her burial urn

Maxianne Berger

shadows swimming
so where are the fish?
glass minnows

Maxianne Berger


are we 2 separate individuals
or is there an us?

Bruce R. Boynton

hollow sound
no life inside
this oyster shell

Bill Cooper


my clasped hands
one warm one cold
mutual strangers

Robert Davey

devil’s paintbrush
strokes of burnt orange
on the June wind

Ignatius Fay


Wet garden sacks
glisten and listen
as Salisbury planes purr overhead.

Helen Frost

Blind dog, ginger cat
snore gently in harmony
sleeping enemies.

Helen Frost


Sagging skin recalls winter grain

Jack Galmitz

hospice quiet
he peers at the picture
of his young bride

Victor P. Gendrano


stealth of raccoons
the intimacy of
a shared solitude

kate s. godsey

the crowded beer tent
holding its own a mosquito
makes the rounds

LeRoy Gorman


moonlight on bed
pale hand on pale eyes
lunar sleep denied

Jim Grotkowski

red moon
even the fissures of the earth

Elizabeth Howard


winter burial
the eerie wail
of wind and fife

Elizabeth Howard

old man in the restroom stall
envying the power
of other streams

M. A. Istvan Jr.


only the smoke
and thunder of hoof beats
ahead of the flames

Jean Jorgensen

sudden shower –
in an open trailer,
naked mannequins

Anatoly Kudryavitsky


street light
tube light
moon light

Snehith Kumbla

Measuring the sky
between the branch and the ground -
descending inchworm

Priscilla Lignori


metal factory ~
oil fumes before

the Armageddon ~

Vishnu Narayanan

crowded bus--

behind me a stranger's
bold hand

Marian Olson


Sunday morning--
vendor’s voice carries
my old memories

Pravat Kumar Padhy

sun on his face
an old man reflects
life’s moment

Andy Pomphrey


the windborne seeds
a paucity of words

Ernesto P. Santiago

wasn't tired
of poppies yet

Ann K. Schwader


As the wild dervish
The earth
Beneath his feet
Cracked open
A chunk
Of brilliant

Badal Suchak