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Haiku 2 - Shintai

August 2013

Haiku, page 2

Shintai Haiku




                a firefly twinkling – 
                the silent witness of 
                our lovemaking 

Diana Teneva



summer heat
I cradle my child
that never was

Anusha Tennakoon





laundry from the line -
carrying an armload
of sunshine

CaroleAnn Lovin





(in no particular order


                harvest moon
                on the church steps
                he gathers in believers

Cathy Drinkwater Better


a watermelon taste
on your lips

Vessislava Savova

middle of the night
woken from nothingness
to silent lightning

Bruce Ross

love lingers in a warm kiss –
summer sun
on the western horizon

Ronny Noor

sugar palm
sweet-smelling fronds
fan the breeze

Cynthia Rowe

grey dandelion tombstones
mosquitoes hum a doleful

Fern G. Z. Carr

fat old possum
passing through our backyard
for the thousandth time

Ben Moeller-Gaa






(Haiku of Merit , in alphabetical order)


Last summer


we sat at home 
and painted 
cherry blossom trees

Mridula Arjun


This summer
we’re lost in a land
of alien shrubbery

Mridula Arjun

summer heat— 
lying hard on his shadow 
a drunk 

Adjei Agyei-Baah 


you can’t put the world
behind you!

Adjei Agyei-Baah

across the water
a moist breeze
the scent of forest burning

Marje A. Dyck 


turquoise blue
of a summer horizon
the sound of sky

kate s. godsey

Hurricane season. 
We stockpile supplies, and wait 
to be washed away. 

A.J. Huffman 


last of the sun
gnats dawdling
in a shaft of light

Marian Olson

cotton pyjamas 
patterned with red hearts – 
how many summers left? 

Patricia Prime 

king tide
inundates the atoll
taro crop ruined

Ivan F. Randall

low tide 
the sound of children 
splashing, splashing