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Haiku 2 : Shintai Haiku

August 2012

Shintai Haiku

First Place 

                    mosquito on my hand
                    gently sucking blood  ~
                    I let him have his meal

 Vishnu Narayanan


Second Place

                     inside the empty shell, snail’s dreams

 Anatoly Kudryavitsky



Third Place

                     A small ladybug
                     escorted into the night
                     on my husband's thumb

Priscilla Lignori 


Seven Honourable Mentions

(in no particular order)


                unscheduled stop
                a scarecrow welcomes us
                with open arms

Anatoly Kudryavitsky


first lightning
ripping the sky in two...
you and i

Natalia Kuznetsova


even now
morning glories still bloom
still unaware

Marie Shimane

summer rain
sun takes a
quick bath

Pravat Kumar Padhy

july sky
the universe unfolds
in a cloud’s drift

Jay Friedenberg

 The mare’s brown eyes
see me through the fly mask
and blink

Tricia Knoll


down the village road
curry’s aroma
filling the evening air

Ronny Noor


(Haiku of Merit , in no particular order in terms of merit but in the alphabetical order of authors’ surname)


    new moon
    I walk all evening
    but leave no footprints

S.M. Abeles


    pulling a mushroom
    its solid

Marje A. Dyck

    rain meets earth
    season’s first cry of joy-
    pristine smell

Aju Mukhopadhyay

    This tiny flower
    shivers in the blowing wind
    too soon to with

Surendra Munshi

    evening news
    a paper wasp lifts
    from the satellite dish

Cynthia Rowe

scudding yacht
    the dolphin spins
    through sea spray

Cynthia Rowe

     on the beach…
    giving my body to the sun

Joey Noble Russell- Bridgens

your summer smile
    even in winter

Joey Noble Russell- Bridgens