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Works of Susumu Takiguchi

January 2014

The Works of Susumu Takiguchi


  A Collection of Writings and Haiku Poems 

by Susumu Takiguchi


Brief Introduction: This collection is compiled for the benefit of those who wish to read the academic articles and general essays on haiku, and haiku poems written by Susumu Takiguchi. It is especially designed for beginners in haiku and those who have not had the chance to read his writings and poems. Most works are going to be steadily extracted from the past issues of World Haiku Review though some may be obtained from other outlets or written anew.




        rained down,
        drooping roses
        turn to the sun

        autumn all around...
        still waiting for the clowns,
        I twiddle my thumb

        no one
        blessing me when
        I sneeze

        in perpetuity...
        migrating betwixt two nations,
        a lone goose

        snowed in...
        where have my friends

        winter rain...
        wetting the sound
        of the bugle


        evening primrose...
        opening silent in twilight
        dies before sunrise

        more apples
        on the ground than
        on the tree

        no one
        came to see me today but
        winter leaves

        dried persimmons
        in the making, hung and
        getting sweeter

        winter fog...
        I know there are beyond

        heavy snow gone...
        the sun moves on my
        painting hand