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Haiku page 3 - Vanguard Haiku

April 2014

             Vanguard Haiku



            meditation —
            peeling the layers
            of nothingness

Gautam Nadkarni




end of summer

the out-of-tune guitar
in his empty room

Victor P. Gendrano



spring rain
on me, maybe on her
a city apart

Chen-ou Liu




(in no particular order)

        her zipper sticks
        half way up
        the flower moon

Chen-ou Liu

a leaf falls ~
lonely galaxies dissolve in
the lotus pond again

 Vishnu Narayanan

beach wedding –
to the sound of the tide
they exchange vows

Patricia Prime

a soft day–
past and present plans
come together

Adelaide B. Shaw

talk of war
sugar cubes dissolve
into darkness

Ben Moeller-Gaa


at a snail's pace
an empty shell at
the end of the trail

Michael Henry Lee

first rain —
the heavenly fragrance
of mud

Gautam Nadkarni


(Haiku of Merit, in alphabetical order)

Only in love
is wearisome repetition
sought again and again

James Roderick Burns

in fights of spirit
where friction marries sawdust
carbon-based souls burn

Martin Esposito

eight-year-old winter
Father Christmas will be dead
next time the snow falls

Martin Esposito


a torn kite flails 
in the telephone line 
their runaway son 

Victor P. Gendrano


years missing--
I see your face here and yon
even in the haloed moon

Elizabeth Howard

missing you--
I choose red yarn
the color you loved

Elizabeth Howard

frayed thread
the prayer beads tumble
breaking the silence

Samantha Sirimanne Hyde

A stem of grass
takes less time to grow
than the trail of stars

Liette Janelle


we whirled and we

twirled into the depths of
our oblivion

Tara Keogh


two cups on the table

one of them
crystal clean

Maya Kisyova

the morning train --

joys and sorrow arrive

Kumarendra Mallick

neighboring balconies –
our flowers don’t speak
to each other either

Radka Mindova (translated by Maya Lyubenova)


many eyed fly
watches the infinite sky ~
countless rainbow suns

Vishnu Narayanan


a black crow rests
on a white crane, chats
in floral tongues

Vishnu Narayanan


the stranger’s hair
brushing my face in the breeze –
her lingering scent

Ronny Noor

putting on his shirt
his nipple still tender
from her bite

David Alexander Oates

following her--
I follow the tender

 Pravat Kumar Padhy

on the bench
where we once held hands
a snail’s trail

Patricia Prime


of their last embrace
southerly gales

andy pomphrey


searching on my
old college's wall -
entwined initials

Raamesh Gowri Raghavan


is it normal
to fall for one's own
divorce lawyer?

Raamesh Gowri Raghavan

her breasts
contain all the stars
of the Milky Way

Ivan F. Randall


embers glowing
under the Rose Moon
first kiss

Ivan F. Randall

lilies wilting
in the vase….
our anniversary this week

Aalix Roake

Along the moon bridge
across the river with you
to far-away dreams

 Riitta Rossilahti

bonfire night –
he plucks my heartstrings
with his song

Shloka Shankar

sunrise on the palms
the impossibility
of a last embrace

Marie Shimane

on this day of steady rain
lighter years

Marie Shimane


romantic dinner
as he pops the question
the candle splutters

André Surrid

spring in his step
falling in love with her
all over again

André Surridge

grandpa's burial
looking in the mirror
i see his eyes

Anusha Tennakoon


Palestinian sandstorm
the pallid sun
becomes a day moon

Zinovy Vayman

our pied hands touch
hope to glimpse sand hill cranes
magpies ambush us

Tyson West

first love
she finds his obituary
on the internet

Carmel Westerman