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Haiku, page 3 - Vanguard

August 2013

Haiku, page 3





                years pass into years 
                the blossoming continues 
                the loss remains 

Marie Shimane



waking up –
is it her smile on the pillow
or the morning sun?

Ronny Noor




our love
a flat hollow
in the summer grass

Ernest Wit





(in no particular order)

            amid tooting horns
            news of fatherhood

Adjei Agyei-Baah


empty nest
their children's footsteps
fading bit by bit

Victor P. Gendrano


no reason
to be anywhere else
ocean bluff

Bruce Ross


mail order
two summer dresses
after her death

Maxianne Berger

mating in flight
we too, are one

kate s. godsey

first argument
her engagement ring trembles
in an ash tray

Peggy Heinrich

Roses on her dress,
roses on her cheeks -
on her lips, bitterness. 

Zhanna P. Rader





shoreline pebbles
a reminder of how far 
we have come 

Adjei Agyei-Baah



vacated house

the peeled face

of burnt bricks


Adjei Agyei-Baah


for three minutes

Gerd Boerner

new home
in every nook and cranny
the previous owners

Cathy Drinkwater Better

prayers at dawn
a fly traces the letters 
of the Heart Sutra 

Sonam Chhoki


with every year
her memory
drops more stitches

Ross Clark

each day heals our firmament
one star at a time

Martin Esposito 

Slowly, surely
Elderly lovers
Share their summer epiphany

Helen Frost

Suppose the sun rose
Then nothing really happened 
Fine waste of a day 

Helen Frost


more land sinks 

into the permafrost
tipping point

Raffael de Gruttola

his scent lingers
leaving me larger somehow
this hollow place

kate s. godsey


from my ex
a dozen long-stemmed roses
full of thorns

Peggy Heinrich

moving again--
the winter wind 
slams the door 

Elizabeth Howard 


night ocean
earth’s breath
rising and falling

Elizabeth Howard

autumn wake
his old hound shivers
at distant thunder

Elizabeth Howard

Sandcastle learning:
What hands toil to erect,
nature will erase.

A.J. Huffman

Life falls to pieces
like a pearl necklace 
breaking apart 

Liette Janelle



In the garden
easier to kneel down
than to get up

Liette Janelle

I thought many times

of marrying this woman --
but not officiating

Howard Lee Kilby

going to bed – getting up
my body is feeling
your gaze

Maya Kisyova

on a tall stalk
a red-winged blackbird -
we're both lonely

Joseph M. Kusmiss 

on her untended grave,
skies wide open

Natalia Kuznetsova

they can't help but sink -
pebble and my heart when tossed 
into the ocean 

Priscilla H. Lignori

listening to

the voices of summer dawn...
the night we made love

Chen-ou Liu

friendship bands
two pairs of slow hands 
learn the braided language 

Kristen Renée Miller 

sleepless night
the book's empty pages
emptying me

Ben Moeller-Gaa

sunbathing –
her hair spilled into the lake
over the boat’s edge

Ronny Noor

solitary house--

silence has its 
unheard voice

Pravat Kumar Padhy

solitary house--
silence has its 
unheard voice

Pravat Kumar Padhy


old well--
I pour excitement
into its loneliness

Pravat Kumar Padhy

децата харесват зимата
ние лятото

the children like the winter
we the summer

Hristina Pandjaridis


spirit bruised to blue
youth stifled before it starts
sidewalks cracked broken

Connie Pierson

On my shelf,
a piece of the Berlin wall -
not to forget...

 Zhanna P. Rader


the sisters bicker
in bright green kayaks
their oars, synchronized

Mary Stevens

condo construction:
sitcom for the homeless man
watching his past life

James J. Stevenson

how fast they grow
the forget-me-nots
on your grave

Anusha Tennakoon

a fallen tree
did it fall yesterday 
or ten years ago? 

Julia Wakefield


the whiff of ozone
brings on a memory rush
last summer's last kiss

Neal Whitman