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Neo Classical Haiku

January 2015

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Neo Classical Haiku


                rainy season 
                the sky pours 
                into my shoes 

Maria Tomczak


virgin snow
the old sleigh leaving
rusty marks

Ernest Wit



snow on snow on snow

John J. Han



(In no particular order)

                the year of the sheep
                seeking peaceful pastures
                before the shepherd calls

Marie Shimane


winter moon
the stillness of
the hornets' nest

Ben Moeller-Gaa


cool Mediterranean breeze . . .
all with their clay arms raised
Minoan goddesses

Bruce Ross


Apollo's temple
the melodic bird tops
the tallest pillar

Bruce Ross


midnight snow--
leaving footprints
in the silence

Kevin Valentine


book by book
the cold moon enters
my attic room

Chen-ou Liu

winter morn
even the jays
keep silent

Vessislava Savova



carpeting the earth
one leaf at a time

Adjei Agyei-Baah

dressed in red
from boots to pompom hat --
first snowfall

Maxianne Berger

single star . . .
a deepening cold
in the bones

Mark E. Brager

enduring snowfall
---the brightest redbirds

Jesus Chameleon


bitter wind -
the old painter chooses
only warm colors

Cezar-Florin Ciobîcă

surviving winter
petals without leaves
deep in the snow

Goran Gatalica

back to school

cicadas quiet

John J. Han

catching the moon
the frost shows off
its stars

Simon Hanson

Indian summer -
an old couple holding hands
stroll in the park

Natalia Kuznetsova

on my face
angels' scent

Lydia Lecheva

a poet's grave
covered with summer grass
the scent of rain

Chen-ou Liu


icy wind…
a sparrow nestles
in the street-bin

Maya Lyubenova

where have
those chiming bells gone?
snowdrops in the wind

Maya Lyubenova


yellow chrysanthemums
… sunrises and sunsets
in our yard

Radka Mindova

Translation by Maya Lyubenova


hear neighbor’s door
open — shut

John Martone


spring returns
barefoot in the grass
a child again

Gautam Nadkarni

winter morning
a thin patch of warmth
at old windowsill

Pravat Kumar Padhy

зимен следобед

в стъпките на заека


winter afternoon
sun in the rabbit

Hristina Pandjaridis

Translated by Diana Teneva


Winter city streets


Bimbi felici

albero risplendente

luce a tutti


Rejoicing children

a glittering adorned tree

light to everyone


 Carla Degna Mambrini Parpajola

feeling of fall
the last swallow landed
my window

Diana Petkova

Freezing winter
hunting in the wood
white breath

Abdullah Abdul Rahman

cold morning
each cat finds
its own patch of sun

Brijesh Raj

driving sleet
a seagull skims
the windscreen

Cynthia Rowe


Christmas eve…
re-filling our stockings
with hope

Shloka Shankar

winter sunlight
among the towering pines
startled silence

Marie Shimane

winter sunrise--
an owl announces last call
from the first shadow

Kevin Valentine

mountain meadow--
dew-sparkled grass
lit by the full moon

Kevin Valentine