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Haiku 1 : Neo Classical

August 2012

Neo-Classical Haiku

First Place

              drowning the cicada's song ...
                the swift currents of
                the Kiyotaki River

Lawrence 慈光 Barrow


Second Place

               midsummer -
                dropping a bucket
                into a deep well

Lawrence 慈光 Barrow

Third Place


           July fourth
            the patio littered with
            watermelon seeds 

Mary Alves Sella



 Seven Honourable Mentions

(in no particular order)

                    we’re cast into darkness
                    by a lightning flash 

                DW Bender

too hot to care -
in my tea on an ice cube
a fly on a fly

Carol Raisfeld


summer doldrums
a trash truck parks its smell
and moves on

 William Hart

a summer leaf
taps me on the shoulder
what did I forget?

 William Hart


At dawn the silence
broken by the light footsteps --
a summer jogger

Priscilla Lignori

summer rain
leaves everything shining
except my dead lawn

Marilyn Linn

in a rose garden
remembering the beginning --
faded promises

Marie Shimane





(Haiku of Merit , in no particular order in terms of merit but in the alphabetical order of authors’ surname)


 roadside cross
only the grass
shoots up this summer

S.M. Abeles



summer shower
on the roof
a million suns

 S.M. Abeles

new messages
from long lost friends--
frogs' chirrup

DW Bender


distant thunder…
evening rolls
into night

DW Bender

sultry heat,
air lightly fanned
by butterflies

DW Bender


under the cricket
another cricket
…deepening night

DW Bender

summer night
the moonlight on the river
lingers with me

Gerd Boerner


sultry night
the locket clings
to her

Robert Davey

 no matter how often
I thwart the ant
back he comes!

Marje A. Dyck


tiny hail
on the bright green lawn

Marje A. Dyck

and rotting garbage
in the hot still air

Ignatius Fay


summer solstice -
the sunlight
in each wave

Jay Friedenberg

picking watermelons
the baby due
in august

Jay Friedenberg


spring cleaning
the first doll she gave
her newly-wed daughter

Victor P. Gendrano

green shadows
the softness of birdsong
when they first wake

kate s. godsey


when you leave
are just bugs

LeRoy Gorman

out of the pond...
surfacing bubbles
the heat


Raffael de Gruttola


unhook the hours
let summer’s yellow sunlight
lengthen the shadows

Sterling Haynes

waning moon:
the retired pearl fisher
practices tai chi

Alicia Hilton


May afternoon
watching butterflies land
on my husband’s head

Alicia Hilton

winter squall
I lay aside the piece
on global warming

Elizabeth Howard

summer solstice
some ants are moving their eggs
in my mailbox

Tzetzka Ilieva

in between
two showers -- the full
arc of a rainbow

Tzetzka Ilieva


sudden squall
ripping huge oak trees
from the earth

Howard Lee Kilby

eating the cat's food
summer moon

Howard Lee Kilby


midsummer -
a steamer cuts
the lake in half

Gérard Krebs

spring morning
sun on yellow fields -
an artist stirs

Joseph M. Kusmiss


summer carefree buzz -
a spider in the thicket
weaving undisturbed

Natalia Kuznetsova

On Memorial Day --
old soldier's eyes rest on
the butterfly's wings

Priscilla Lignori


dance above the water
teasing goldfish

Marilyn Linn

hazy moonlight
through the bare branches
Goldberg Variations

Chen-ou Liu


the sound
of racing engines
summer night

Gregory Longenecker

thin crescent moon --
a smile in the sky
and I chuckle too

CaroleAnn Lovin


light show dancing
emerald green
summer’s grasses

Kitsune Miko

evening chill
the glow
of the neighbor's bonfire

Benjamin Moeller-Gaa


That dark night with you
lit up for us all at once
the dance of fireflies

surendra munshi

heavy rain ~
green caterpillar safe
under the green leaves

Vishnu Narayanan

summer heat—
the cooling taste
of green cucumbers

Nancy Nitrio 

a bee …
sipping water

Nancy Nitrio


dune after dune
so many ways to see
the summer sunrise

Marian Olson

swallow’s flight
amidst a hailstorm
glimpse of summer

Andy Pomphrey


indian summer ...
ice cubes crackle
in the lemonade

Carol Raisfeld, USA

heat lightning
mother's old rocker
creaks on cue

Carol Raisfeld, USA


Like walking into
A hairdryer, she exclaims,
This early spring heat.

Sondra Rosenberg

last day of summer:
the trees are ready
to let loose

Joey Noble Russell- Bridgens

squirrel scampers
along the fence top
last ripe tomato

Mary Alves Sella

gently the widow
prunes her roses
summer without him

Mary Alves Sella


unrelenting heat
the road to Melbourne bubbles
birds fall from the sky

André Surridge

a worm stretched
in the blackbird's beak
longest day

André Surridge


heat shimmer
the tremulous song
of a willow warbler

André Surridge

summer heat
we walk to the beat
of cicadas

André Surridge


summer dawn –
blazing sun drinks up
the dew drops

Diana Teneva

summer agony -
she scratches
her heat rash

Carmel Lively Westerman


locked to the post –

heat accumulates

Jeffrey Winke

sunlit ledge

a sparrow ruffles

its shadow

Jeffrey Winke


hammock by the sea
gently swaying to faraway music
Milky Way

 Ethel Yanova