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Haiku page 2, Shintai

WHR June 2015
Haiku page 2

Shintai Haiku


First Place

           song sparrow--
           a spring reed bends
           with melody

Kevin Valentine


Second Place

I watch my shadow
stretching itself

Maria Tomczak


Third Place


new season
even in dead wood
so much life

Joyce Lorenson



Seven Honourable Mentions

 (In no particular order)


                blackbird song...
                filling the silence
                between us

Maria Tomczak


spring fever
the street fiddler improvises
the Ode to Joy

Cezar-Florin Ciobîcă

dancing in moonlight --
dancing in wonderment
of the stars

CaroleAnn Lovin


first crocus
letting go of

Ben Moeller-Gaa


his hand
pointing to the moon
full of dark spots

Maria Tomczak


thrush song...
who am I
to figure you out

Sanjuktaa Asopa


tiny feet touch mine
watching her in her slumber
heart explodes with love

Dianne Shakinovsky



Zatsuei  Haiku of Merit,

(in alphabetical order)



new moon sunset
the space between
our untold love

Ramesh Anand


bright day –
so many balding men
among thawed patches!

Alexey Andreev


April snowfall
yet the puppy teaches me

Maxianne Berger


oyster bed
the waves
sowing pearls

Mark E. Brager

in each dewdrop
a pink moon

Mark E. Brager


weeping cherry tree...
a caretaker plants
seeds of joy

Jesus Chameleon


spring moon
how I wish to forget
that miscarriage

Cezar-Florin Ciobîcă

egret on a high branch
the lily eyebrow
of a gator

Bill Cooper


sunny orchard
apples already

Tracy Davidson


last of the sun
a yellow tabby circles
into sleep

Jan Dobb

the wind
through the cherry tree in bloom -
one more pickpocket

Ana Drobot


Tulips and blue jays
Muddy shoes and the wrong coat
It's finally spring

Kathleen Drohan


след урока
на пианото
обвивки от бонбони Моцарт

end of the lesson
some Mozart candy wrappers
on the piano

Dilyana Georgieva


topiary garden--
leaning on a walker
he keeps on pruning

Elizabeth Howard


Lillipads in moonlight
look like floating landmines.
Frogs explode at dawn.

A.J. Huffman


in the hush
of coppiced foliage
a raven’s call

Samantha Sirimanne Hyde

proud old forest
suddenly divided
with power line

Wiesław Karliński


behind the green hills
a towering grey mountain
slowly drifts by

Richard Kay


Spring cleaning
The beggar turns over
Their cardboard mattress

David Kelly


only one bird
singing in the rain --
bit out of tune

CaroleAnn Lovin

the blue of the sky
a shade deeper

Gautam Nadkarni


love at first sight
this night-blooming

Cynthia Rowe


the vibrant colours
of a birdwing butterfly

Cynthia Rowe


family reunion-
all huddled for the photo
last time together?

Vidya S Venkatramani


spring rain
the peonies and tulips
droop to the ground

Carmel Lively Westerman