Haiku Page 2, Dec 2012

December 2012

 Shintai Haiku

First Place

           your hospital gown
            your unworn winter clothing
            still kept packed away
Marie Shimane

Second Place

a tear of sorrow
          on the daisy’s last petal 
          he loves me not 

Mary Alves Sella

Third Place

 Christmas Eve
         the homeless shelter
         runs out of turkey

Alicia Hilton


 Seven Honourable Mentions

(in no particular order)

          frozen creek 
           a trapped moon 
           wriggles for freedom 

Adjei Agyei-Baah

after the breakup 
a midday wind joins my walk 
then the winter moon 

Brian Robertson

did I tell you
more than you could bear?
winter hyacinth

Tzetzka Ilieva

my winter shawl
never long enough
to wrap up the earth

Vladislav Hristov


feathers from 
a hawk’s prey 

Vladislav Hristov

the hushed silence 
of fallen snow 

Gregory Longenecker


going home
I look for the smoke 
from the chimney 

Radka Mindova


 Zatsuei, Haiku of Merit 

( in the alphabetical order of authors’ surname)

Neujahrsmorgen – 
alte Schritte gefroren 
ein Lächeln schaut mir nach 

New Year's morning 
old steps frozen 
a smile follows me 

Gerd Boerner

waiting in--
blanket rain 
the only delivery 

Helen Buckingham

your white legs 

on a summer’s day


Owen Bullock 

trinket jar –
webs cover the 
wedding cake charms

Robert Davey


the only sound
my muffled footsteps
deep-leaf path

Marje A. Dyck 

the difference
between lonely and alone
autumn hues

Ignatius Fay

morning slumber --

they shuffle their dreams
on the blue dawn of snow

Claire Gardien


morse code 
from the spirit realm 

kate s. godsey

hot fall day 

deer graze withered lilies 
in the slave cemetery 

Elizabeth Howard

oh this snow
cottage cheese in a tramp’s
cupped hands

Vladislav Hristov


another year—
who is it I’m shaving
in this mirror

Paul Hunter


snow-bound fields

stretching to infinity
moonlit silence

Natalia Kuznetsova

winter's eve -- 
tall bare branches 
tickle the stars 

CaroleAnn Lovin                              

Carved beautifully on sand,
wash the beauty and the name away…

Arpa Mukhopadhyay

strays waiting

tossing dry cat food
into the snow

Mike Shaw

ask once again
who will be the last to die 
and still snow falls 

Marie Shimane

a gray finch laments 

perched on your favourite rose 
must I still share its sorrow? 

Athena Zaknic

blown in the wild spring breeze
I suddenly long 
for winter’s freezing calm 

Athena Zaknic