Haiku page 3, Vanguard

WHR June 2016

Vanguard Haiku

First Place

antique shop

browsing in search

for lost time

Cesar Ciobika

Second Place

Third Place


in front of my door

new love

Diana Petkova

evening bird –

for once

we’re both listening

Jennifer Hambrick

Seven Honourable Mention

(In no particular order)

trial separation ...

summer moonlight broken

by the blinds

Chen-ou Liu

jasmine bush

out of the blue the scent

of her body

Cesar Ciobika

crescent moon

a scar on the curve

of your belly

Debbie Strange

wedding quilt –

contrasting squares

patched up

Lee Nash

up in the air

a balloon

full of my breath

Ernest Wit

how many

breaths do I have left ...

spring stars

Ramesh Anand

cranes over the beach

a long kiss

for goodbye

Maria Dermendzhieva


(Haiku of Merit)