Haiku page 1, Dec 2012

December 2012

Neo Classical Haiku

First Place


                into the leaf pile 
                all the beauty of the year 
                enkindles the next 

Marie Shimane

              Second Place

icy breaths -- 
half my life spent 
reliving the past 

S.M. Abeles

Third Place


dawn opens red 

filling the winter sky 
with snow geese 

Marian Olson


Seven Honourable Mentions

(in no particular order)  

            where the old oak stood
            before the tornado
            an ice-covered stump

Mary Alves Sella

a blizzard
white crows
in the trees

Vladislav Hristov

snowflakes -
on every leaf
the weight of winter

Jay Friedenberg

early winter rain -- 
playing solitaire with 
the cat on my lap

Priscilla H. Lignori

wind-chime discs
twist together and unravel
cold winter night 

Bruce Ross

feathering snow
she remembers
her first kiss

Diana Teneva

too old to gather now 
gifts of new sake 

Marie Shimane

 Zatsuei, Haiku of Merit

 (in alphabetical order) 

first winter snow 
in trees empty bird nests 
once again full 

Kevin Bradley

winter solstice 
the stream still babbling 
beneath the ice 

Kevin Bradley

the young moon 
behind a long half-fringe 

Helen Buckingham

in each bubble... 
old moon 

Helen Buckingham

Bees seeking nectar 
Red Admirals fluttering 
Weekends to relax 

Colin Coates

autumn colours 
I return the little snail 
to its bed of leaves 

Susan Constable

frosted bark 
the click of a falling 
gingko leaf 

Bill Cooper


starlings darken
winter skies

Robert Davey

clouds in the sky... 
full moon, only 
on calendar 

Gérard Dumon

street hockey
played with a tennis ball
winter solstice

 Ignatius Fay 

snow dust 
the swirl 
of winter wind 

Jay Friedenberg 

frost warning
me, the pup and the moon
jog a bit faster

Lin Geary 

winter chill
the expatriate yearns
for sunny home

 Victor P. Gendrano


waist-deep snow 
a trapper's sled stuck 
beside his snare 

Jim Grotkowski

breathe out fog 
breathe in shards of ice 
stuck in drifts 

Jim Grotkowski

mountain snow 
the winding road 
ends in fog 

Elizabeth Howard

summer’s end 
she arranges plastic tulips 
on his gray stone 

Elizabeth Howard

I go back to bed
and listen to the screech
of a young bald eagle
Howard Lee Kilby 

old tree too 
holds up bony arms in surrender 
—cold winter wind

Paul Hunter 

yawning in the cold
a snowflake lands 
on my tongue

Paul Hunter

a honking goose
heads back upstream...
year's end

Tzetzka Ilieva

change of weather - 
all cars in the parking 
snowy white 

Robert Kania

near the mine 
blacker and blacker 
the snowman 

Robert Kania

Winter morning 
First cup of coffee 
Smell of Hawaii 

Angelika Kolompar

On this Winter day 
Warmth on my face 
Hot noodle soup 

Angelika Kolompar

In the old cedar 
Frozen mushrooms 
As snow falls 

Angelika Kolompar


winter grass
the herd needs 
no prodding 

Snehith Kumbla 

A shift in the wind -- 
the old woman wraps her shawl 
a bit more tightly 

Priscilla H. Lignori


A different world 
than the one I left behind -- 
November snowstorm 

Priscilla H. Lignori

the daisy bush shivers 
on a warm spring day 
a sparrow flits through 

Marilyn Linn

the spring bride smiles 
aglow with hopes and dreams 
a wistful onlooker 

Marilyn Linn

with my aging mother 
deep snow 

Gregory Longenecker

extra blanket -
as I sleep
the river freezes

Michael Markham

cold night -
I follow my breath
all the way home

Michael Markham 

draping a sheet
over her rocking chair—
autumn deepens 

John McManus


white wings 
flash in city light- 
migrating birds 

Aju Mukhopadhyay

This haiku has been removed. 

Mulled wine 
the winter showing 
its bright side 

Hristina Pandjaridis

freshly-fallen snow 
the child first to make 

Patricia Prime

first snowfall 
a withered oak leaf scurries 
inside my front door 

Brian Robertson

pre-solstice sleet
all the whitened tufts
of the weeds

Bruce Ross

the bird feeder
stiller than ever
winter solstice

Bruce Ross

a sullen day
this winter light gathered
in the grass tassels

Bruce Ross

volcanic area 
this cold day seated 
on hot stones 

Cynthia Rowe

rain-soaked sky 
the garden carpeted with 
orb-weaver webs 

Cynthia Rowe

autumn leaves 
yellow speckled lawn 
my face changes color 

Minal Sarosh

seeking winter homes 
red matchstick flamingo legs 
walk on the lake 

Minal Sarosh

a violinist
in the warm subway
Vivaldi's winter

Vessislava Liubomirova Savova 

photographing stars
stomping my feet
on the hard snow

 Mike Shaw 

bottled water

on the car seat

Mike Shaw

morning mist 
the cold twists and turns 
of this ancient tree 

Guy Simser

late home
washing on the line
frozen stiff 

André Surridge 

hoar frost
grass stalks stiffened
with tiny crystals

André Surridge 

chattering teeth
icicles the length
of the eaves

André Surridge 

winter cold 
stretched beyond reason 
magnolia's buds 

Luminita Suse

lingering aroma 
of her first baked cake 
this winter too 

Anusha Hemamali Tennakoon 

 winter moon 
 wrinkled by clouds 
 grandpa's face 

Anusha Hemamali Tennakoon   

 nothing left 
 of the old house-place 
 but these daffodils 

Anita Virgil


 winter rain... 
 the ashy log 

Anita Virgil

do what you must 
so far away from me 
cherry blossoms 

Sandy Vrooman

 winter breaches spring 
 the hole in my boot 

Carmel Lively Westerman