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Haiku page 1 - Neo Classical

January 2014

Neo Classical Haiku



                    melting snow
                    another hope
                    to fall in love

Robert Kania



    winter blues---
    donning his old sweater
    his young widow

Gracy D'Souza



    autumn foliage---
    in various vivid shades
    I wrap my hopes

Gracy D'Souza






                a falling leaf
                stuck in midflight
                spider magic

William Hart

before dawn
a leaf falls
from the sycamore

Owen Bullock

cold winds sweep the night---
the walls of loneliness
fall into silence

Gracy D'Souza

fog on fog---
the old temple bells
clanging through

Gracy D'Souza


I look at the fallen leaves
of my life

 Gautam Nadkarni

Curled and still clinging
Oak leaves

Karen Dick

one more hole
in my blanket-
winter deepens

Kashinath Karmakar



heat wave...
we buy things
we don’t need

 Anne Carly Abad

before the wreck
of another sunset --
the day moon

S.M. Abeles

shortest day
my shadow reaching

Mark E. Brager

summer cottage
in the old hammock
fresh snow

Mark E. Brager

the shriek
of a mynah bird...
first frost

Dawn Bruce

a street drinker sings
While Shepherds Watch
this winter wind

Paul Conneally

an icebreaker--
by fire my daughter nurses
my frost bites

Neelam Dadhwal

this wintry night---
deep in conversation
the mute moon and I

Gracy D'Souza

hillside view
she points out the colors
of december rain

Robert Epstein

overnight snow...
the black gelding
nuzzles my pocket

Grace Galton

moonlit snow field
all the stars, a-drift
all silence still

Jim Grotkowski

circling your feet
the bee undecidedly lands
on a clover nearby

Lavinia Andrei Jennings 

near the dahlia
a poet and a honey bee
searching nectar

Vidur Jyoti 

silvery clouds
around the full moon
whirling dervishes

Vidur Jyoti

in a pavement sleeper's curl
deep winter

Kashinath Karmakar


the arctic breezes
held me hostage one winter
the ransom was dear

Tara Keogh

Crack in the lip
Crack in the heel
Winter is here to stay.

Reema Chandrakant Khudkhudia

Warm breezes
Rekindling love
Winter bade farewell.

Reema Chandrakant Khudkhudia

departing swans
last arctic sunlight
in their wings

Gérard Krebs


winter solitude -
through my window's narrow frame
looking to the sky

Natalia Kuznetsova

New Year's dawn in town -
streets littered with wrappings
and lost intentions

Natalia Kuznetsova

Cold winter night
The pigeons coo
For more closeness

Poornima Laxmeshwar

Misty winter morning
Blurred images
Of goneby days

Poornima Laxmeshwar

So full of itself
the winter moon spills on all
the slippery roads

Priscilla H. Lignori


The melting snowflake -
changes form even before
it knows what it is

Priscilla H. Lignori

all-night winter rain ...
remembering the heat
of our debate

Chen-ou Liu

winter wind --
the chimes clank loudly
in bare branches

CaroleAnn Lovin

deep winter--
a desiccated fly
in my wineglass

Carole MacRury

my walking stick
complains with every step -
Yukon winter


deep autumn
too breathless to blow
the sixty candles

Gautam Nadkarni

windless day
two poppy flowers
touching each other

Svetoslav Emilov Naydenov

топла супа
дъщеря ми сипва и на
снежния човек

warm soup
my daughter pours some
to the snowman too

Hristina Pandjaridis
Translation Vesisslava Savova

long shadows
stretch empty fields
harvest done

andy pomphrey


early summer
strawberries in the patch
half green half red

Patricia Prime

now night curtain falls
earlier and earlier
to winter solstice

Carolanne Reynolds, Canada

deep night
a prayer strip flickers
through moonlight

Bruce Ross

winter tree
after winter tree
bright day moon

 Bruce Ross 

winter woes-
mom complains of pain in
artificial knee

Yesha Shah,

the year ends
temple bells toll
renewal begins

Marie Shimane

the year begins
temple bells
erase the past

Marie Shimane

hot tea
your pair of gloves
on my scarf

Vessislava Savova

giant snow flakes –
so slowly are they tumbling
toward the calm ocean

William Seltzer

heat wave
again I learn
to slow down

Adelaide B.. Shaw


melting ice
each drop a tick closer
to spring

Adelaide B.. Shaw

winter morning
saying hello with
an Eskimo kiss

Diana Teneva

the old stork
pecking the first

Detelina Tiholova

the first frost --
all my pond fish
ignore me

Anita Virgil

skating with
wet clothes
goosebumps on her bum

Carmel Lively Westerman

my sleep was deep
and a snow storm had blown in
I wake in wonder

Neal Whitman

winter morning
the eyes of a dead fox
shining crystals

Ernest Wit

bare and naked
brilliant winter blue
atop the branches

David Wood