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Haiku page 2, Shintai

WHR June 2016


Shintai Haiku

First Place


        Ice-cold in the bedroom –
        stealing my husband’s body heat

Lee Nash

                                                          Second Place


        migrating cranes –
        why won’t he settle down with me?

Lee Nash

Third Place


        My shadow shrinking, 
        fearful of crushing 
        lilies of the valley 

Ecaterina Neagoe 


Seven Honourable Mention

(In no particular order)



        Zombie rhubarb 
        rising up from 
        its winter grave 

Adele Krusz



lavender field

time to change

my hair color


Cesar Ciobika



Again pas de deux -
among withered leaves
the flower of the wind

Ecaterina Neagoe


the last of the green tea
thinking of my family
still in Japan

Terrie Leigh Relf



A sign of spring
tears on cheeks bitter-sweet as
Finnish cranberries

 Riitta Rossilahti



so many reasons

to shine


Debbie Strange



mending fences

the scent of sagebrush

on your fingers


Debbie Strange



(Haiku of Merit)


empty sky 
my puppy chewing 
warm grass


Ramesh Anand



a slow approach

to a resting butterfly

my shadow set it off

Adjei Agyei-Baah


summer skies
my heart dissolves
into a cloud

Mahrukh Bulsara

white noise

in black silence

midnight snow


Anna Cates


rape field

the tourists' breath

turning yellow


Cesar Ciobika

stumbled on 

a bramble leaf’s crimson death; 

found beauty beyond life


Mike Gallagher


only may blossoms

between us


Shrikaanth Krishnamurthy


spring thunder...

the heron's nest leaks

squawks and croaks


Shrikaanth Krishnamurthy 


suddenly cricket
in my lap
seeking lyrics

Lydia Lecheva



car covered by blossom
beneath a cherry tree

Lydia Lecheva

fleeting glimpses
between cherry blossoms
a girl's sunny face

Chen-ou Liu

overnight rain --
dreams blossom into
morning flowers

Kumarendra Mallick

droning crickets

pause for a moment

to begin again


Aju Mukhopadhyay



We listen to the rain -
in the gazebo with lattice
the smell of hay

Ecaterina Neagoe

summer woods

a young soldier

hunts butterflies


David Oates


passing zephyr 

the nod it receives 

from the hibiscus 


Madhuri Pillai



lowering sun—
in its glow
a lacework of leaves

Lyn Reeves




You came walking
through the green singing a song
of forgiveness

 Riitta Rossilahti


two wildflowers kiss

in the meadow breeze

you're far away


Agnes Eva Savich


tropical sunset

forest walk 

with mosquitos

Christina Sng


military cemetery

His name only known to god

forgetful spring


Joachim Thiede




leaving home…
      the pull of touch me not thorns
      I ‘d have liked

Padma Thampatty

hill-side temple...

the tumble of bell-peals

down the steps


Vidya S Venkatramani