Haiku page 1

WHR March 2018

Haiku page 1

Neo-classical Haiku

First Place

wind chimes

capturing each nuance

of the breeze

Michael Henry Lee

Second Place

late snow and

white cherry blossoms


Małgorzata Formanowska

Third Place

late autumn

day and night merge

into mist

Rachel Sutcliffe

Seven Honourable Mention

(In no particular order)

arctic night -

northern lights dancing

in the lake

Gérard Krebs

to the used book store—

carrying father's old books

and smells of autumn

Priscilla Lignori

endless waves

come and go

come and go

Eufemia Griffo


steps now unheard

but visible

Daniel Birnbaum

heavy snow

the depth of footsteps

to the shrine

Cezar Ciobika

a year older

one more blanket

not enough

Peter Brady

short night –

baby finally sleeping

as traffic rumble grows

Marilyn Humbert


Haiku of Merit