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Haiku page 1

WHR March 2018

Haiku page 1


Neo-classical Haiku


First Place


        wind chimes

        capturing each nuance

        of the breeze


Michael Henry Lee  


Second Place


    late snow and

    white cherry blossoms



Małgorzata Formanowska 


Third Place



    late autumn

    day and night merge

    into mist


Rachel Sutcliffe



Seven Honourable Mention 

(In no particular order)


        arctic night - 
        northern lights dancing 
        in the lake 

Gérard Krebs 


to the used book store—  

carrying father's old books

and smells of autumn 


Priscilla Lignori 



heavy snow
the depth of footsteps
to the shrine

Cezar Ciobika

endless waves

come and go

come and go


Eufemia Griffo



a year older
one more blanket
not enough

Peter Brady



steps now unheard

but visible


Daniel Birnbaum



short night –

baby finally sleeping

as traffic rumble grows


Marilyn Humbert





Haiku of Merit



sweltering night...

insects follow the beam

of the torch


Theophilus Femi Alawonde


hunter's moon—
betraying the stag
fresh snow

Kate Alsbury


spring cleaning 
almonds under the chair 
cherries under the bed 

Alexey Andreev 



of winter darkness

chapel of the stars


Fred Andrle


frozen cascade

the veins of winter



Daniel Birnbaum



cold morning 

my watch also 
running slow 

Peter Brady


a butterfly

flits daisy to daisy

my time with dad


Claire Vogel Camargo


philodendron dew

the morning tongue flick

of a green anole


Claire Vogel Camargo



climbing the dead

lilac bush

morning glories


Matthew M. Cariello



bed by the window 

changing winter quilts

to the cotton ones


Marta Chocilowska


winter eve
sunset froze behind
last year's doubts

Basant Kumar Das


autumn fog -

suddenly in front of me

a cathedral


Małgorzata Formanowska 


autumn solstice

the smell of my grandfather

on his old sweater



Joshua Gage


downtown commute

through snow flurries
the soft glow of brake lights

Joshua Gage


the last autumn wind

wrestles the straggling

leaves to ground


Michael J. Galko



a long journey

with the wind


Eufemia Griffo



lost forever this time

my favorite gloves


John J. Han


for a short time
a leaf trying to fly -
silence of autumn

Dan Iulian


bird feeders 
shrouded in snow . . . then 
a Magpie lands 

Jeanne Jorgensen

the last full moon 
of winter

Deborah P Kolodji 


winter rain

kinglets settle on the shrub

without a sound


Steve Kuntz


parking off the road 

to check our destination—

early plum blossoms 


Priscilla Lignori 

hail storm . . .

stilettos quicken

on the sidewalk


Martha Magenta


autumn afternoon -

a buzzard in circles

becomes a point


Tomislv Maretić


ancient song

unites quick and dead

around the Christmas tree


Tomislv Maretić

pre-dawn fog

a horse-drawn carriage fades

into silence


Joe McKeon


winter wind 
lifting the latch 
of the old gate 

Ben Moeller-Gaa 

winter light

shifting on the snow

a rag of colts



Timothy Murphy 


white night

the north wind ruffles

the dark fjord water


Timothy Murphy


a new bench joins 

under the baobab tree . . . 
spring breeze

Oni Tomiwa Olanrewaju


beach and tide-
at the zenith
the moon

Margherita Petriccione


fragrant rose…

the fleeting smell

of now


Madhuri Pillai




Yellowstone camp

midnight toilet trip

starlight, my guide


Jim Pollard



my bare feet

are green


Slobodan Pupovac


withered petals

fly through the wind

seeds follow


Srinivasa Rao Sambangi


I warm my hands with a pack
of roasted chestnuts

Vessislava Savova


steady spring rain

with trembling voices

mourners pray


Adelaide B. Shaw

on the winter sand

echoes of footprints linger

in whispering waves


Marie Shimane


autumn leaves

the neighbor rakes

in the rain

d w skrivseth 


I've waited

long enough for you . . .

first snow


 Debbie Strange


solstice . . .

gopher holes fill

with snow


Debbie Strange



the floodwater. . .

urban sprawl

Christine Taylor


early morning

an unexpected voice

of a cricket


Diana Teneva



full moon

a rabbit stares

into the pond


David He Zhuanglang