Neo Classical Haiku

August 2017

Haiku page 1 - Neo Classical

Neo-classical Haiku

First Place

spring showers

racing each other

to the stream

Rachel Sutcliffe

Second Place

autumn leaves


to its perfection

Madhuri Pillai

Third Place

top of the mountain—

I entrust all my prayers

to the summer breeze

Priscilla H. Lignori

Seven Honourable Mention

(In no particular order)


the weight of light

on bent grass

Debbie Strange

dandelion fluff

my mind flies

where it flies

Srinivas Sambangi

moon rays-

the ruins shine

of ancient kingdoms

Doris Pascolo

spring sunset

birch trunks prolong

the daylight

Gérard Krebs

treading moonlight…

the street weaves through

the hush of winter

Madhuri Pillai

day moon

covered by a cloud

of starlings

Ben Moeller-Gaa

cool summer

getting along in a pot

moss and weeds

Christina Sng


(Haiku of Merit)