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Neo Classical Haiku

August 2017

Haiku page 1 - Neo Classical

Neo-classical Haiku



First Place


       spring showers 
        racing each other 
        to the stream


Rachel Sutcliffe


Second Place


autumn leaves


to its perfection 


Madhuri Pillai


Third Place


top of the mountain—

I entrust all my prayers 

to the summer breeze 


Priscilla H. Lignori 





Seven Honourable Mention 

(In no particular order)



        the weight of light

        on bent grass


Debbie Strange


dandelion fluff

my mind flies

where it flies


Srinivas Sambangi



treading moonlight…

the street weaves through

the hush of winter


Madhuri Pillai


moon rays-

the ruins shine

of ancient kingdoms


Doris Pascolo


day moon
covered by a cloud
of starlings


Ben Moeller-Gaa 


spring sunset 
birch trunks prolong 
the daylight 

Gérard Krebs


cool summer
getting along in a pot
moss and weeds

Christina Sng






 (Haiku of Merit)


a blind boy says
the loons are flying north
rising summer sun

Barnabas I. Adeleke


first thunderstorm . . .
the sharp taste of dust
instead of rain

Barnabas I. Adeleke

summer sky . . .
cattle egrets gather
near the mower

Barnabas I. Adeleke


sky so pale...
there is no why
in a robin’s song

Adrian Bouter

it roams the hills

then finds its way back

spring thunder


Gerry Bravi

fleeing the city

on both sides of the levee

a froggy stereo


Marta Chocilowska

your sandy footprints

blow away in the wind--

spring dusk


Tatjana Debeljacki

summer storm

with a tassel of lightnings

the granite horse


лятна буря

с пискюл от мълнии

гранитният кон


Maria Dermendzhieva


morning dew

on every leaf

silver trail of the slug


Michael Galko



summer heat -

again and again

running the tap


Goran Gatalica

in the hot sun
sips of cold beer...
barley autumn

Pat Geyer

spring day
the trumpeter in the school band
out of tune

Nikolay Grankin


spring outing

a Maltese snug

in a handbag


John J. Han


Yoga class

poplar fluff

distracts my attention


Zornitza Harizanova


a plane slits the blue
in two

Gérard Krebs


first sign of spring
beached on the bluff

Jim Krotzman


end of summer camp

I pack

The smell of pine


Jim Krotzman


snow melting –

a crow finds   

last year’s nut


Capotă Daniela Lăcrămioara


dusk in the village 

the cherry blossoms transform

from pink to purple


Priscilla H. Lignori 


on bicycle tour 

we slowly pedal uphill—

dragonfly flits by 


Priscilla H. Lignori 


I fall into silence ...
migrating geese

Chen-ou Liu

orange blossoms -
the smiling face
of a young girl

Antonio Mangiameli

sunny day -

the snowman's nose



Antonio Mangiameli



a breeze stirs

the pink petal surface—

temple pond


Leanne Mumford


only a loud buzz of insects
and a snipe’s winnowing . . .
highest summer

Timothy Murphy


midsummer morning
the slap of washboards
on wet cotton

Lee Nash

summer school
a flood of French script
from one short chalk

Lee Nash


beyond my garden
fields of wild daisies
thrive untended

Dottie Piet


first spring

our kitten’s eyes brim

with birdsong


Brijesh Raj

rainforest floor

inverted night sky

of fireflies


Ivan Randall


city pond

mallards pair wades through

sky scrapers


Srinivas Sambangi



icicles cascade

after the slammed door

a bitter morning


Agnes Eva Savich



blooming lime tree 

for the very first time

my dog sees a bee


Vessislava Savova 


first day of spring

her drawing gets

a green background


Adelaide B. Shaw


so strong this spring wind

the old walk holding their bike

the young laugh on theirs


Marie Shimane


water fountain 
dreams glinting 
in the sun 

Christina Sng 


late spring frost
pulling my socks
up to my knees

Richard St. Clair


summer morning
a squirrel
renovates the birdhouse

Mary Stevens


spring breeze…
     the billowing whiteness
    of a frog’s underbelly

Padma Thampatty



cherry blossoms swirl
on the compost heap
up pops pink toadstools

Tyson West


summer noon

the shade of a beech tree

gulps my shadow


Ernest Wit


late autumn

my hedgehog makes his nest

in a newspaper


Gergana Yaninska


saliva drips
from a dog's tongue ...
summer twilight


David He Zhuanglang