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Haiku 1 - Neo classical

March 2013

    Neo Classical haiku 

First Place


        late spring –
        in the kid’s crayon box
        the green has run out

Radka Mindova


            Second Place


    born in still water –
    a frog rests on the surface 
    of a restless world

 Priscilla Lignori  

Third Place


    eight plates 
    six chipped 
    another year gone by 

 Cathy Drinkwater Better 


Seven Honourable Mentions
(in no particular order)

        A bloc of ice 
        running down the river 
        with a sea gull 

Liette Janelle

spring garden
pulling out a problem
by its roots

Gregory Longenecker

    hungry spider
    all you caught
    were these dewdrops

John R. Snyder

he lets the moonlight
write her a poem
too deep for words

John R. Snyder

    spring break –
    a new life begins

Carmel Lively Westerman


the whiteness
of the white car
melting snow

Ben Moeller-Gaa

    much before the milkman's
    a woodpecker's knock
Arvinder Kaur



(Haiku of Merit , in alphabetical order)



new year
I record my dreams
in colored pencil

S.M. Abeles

A snow covered twig
Dripping slow into the lake
Song of the season

Tabir Alam

green frogs
on her yellow rain boots
the joy of puddles

Maxianne Berger


the no-sound
of falling snow
falling snow

Cathy Drinkwater Better

February thaw
the longed-for surprise
of crocus sprouts

Cathy Drinkwater Better

soft spring rain
the robin adjusts the mud
in her nest

Kevin Bradley

mountain road 

the rainbow curls 

under us

Belinda Broughton

insects mating
in a wildflower meadow
spring morning

Dawn Bruce

of a spring breeze...
fledgling's wings

Dawn Bruce

winter weakens—
knowing the ground
under her feet

Sondra J. Byrnes

spring wind—
my dog and i pick up
sticks and ticks

Sondra J. Byrnes

warm smells
creep upstairs

Toni Calvello

morning glories
still curled in twilight…
scent of spring

Thomas H. Chockley

spring blossoms today…
had there been
no winter snow?

Thomas H. Chockley


yesterday’s puddle --
holding the rain, holding
the rainbow

Karen Cesar

in the snow

Robert Davey

pigs forage
the winter field
gulls gatecrashing

Robert Davey


summer rain
the pallor of

Robert Davey 

childhood park
only the daisies

Robert Davey 

row of motorcycles
under the bridge –
sudden rain

Jim Davis

the empty cocoon—
a butterfly takes flight
Easter morning

Robert Michael Drouilhet

all down the road
filled with snow

Ben Moeller-Gaa 

gypsy moth
late at night
storm door

Raffael de Gruttola 

quilted coat too hot
windbreaker too cool
bring it on spring

Jim Grotkowski

spring journey;
my mind keeps pace
with my feet

Ty Hadman

end of autumn
I light a candle
by your empty chair

Elizabeth Howard

pancake steam—
the thin mist on mornings
in a wicker swing

Alegria Imperial

A crow family
feeding their babies
with my strawberries

Liette Janelle


morning dew

  the many colors
   of the silkworm's thread

Alexander B. Joy

spring morn--
my daughter's little feet
in my stilettos 
Arvinder Kaur 

The Wall Street Journal
 piles up in the living room
 beside the fireplace
Howard Lee Kilby 


spring sun
cat naps rotate
through the house


early fall morning
among the green bushes
rowan berries shine

 Joseph M. Kusmiss 

a gust of spring wind 
ruffles the distinguished crest

of the cardinal

Priscilla Lignori

closing for the day 
as gracefully as they opened –
the morning glories

Priscilla Lignori

the cold moon...
I recycle a dream
from my youth

Chen-ou Liu 

spring breeze
the blossoms of her kimono
begin to stir

Gregory Longenecker

spring river deep...
cradling the moon
down to the sea

CaroleAnn Lovin

longer light…
the deepening
of jacarandas

Devika Menon


clear spring day…
a hunting bird dives
into itself

Devika Menon

white days
ice breaks
last summer’s flowers

Sarah Clark Monagle

wheel of spring
saving all from winter
throws into jaws of summer

Aju Mukhopadhyay

spring cleaning—
scattering old feathers
from the nest

Nancy Nitrio

sudden downpour—
cherry blossoms floating
in rainwater

Nancy Nitrio

broken branch
in spite of it
early blossoms

Marian Olson

in the ploughed field
an abandoned scarecrow’s
vacant eyes

Patricia Prime

the gleam of cutlery
on the picnic rug
summer evening

Patricia Prime


arctic poppies
track the sun--
tundra in springtime

Ivan Frederick Randall

misty morning
all the way
to the sky

Cynthia Rowe

blossom viewing
for dessert she eats
cherry pie

Cynthia Rowe

spring squall
the first duckling
crosses the road

Cynthia Rowe

sultry night–
a thin rain seeps
into my dreams

Adelaide B. Shaw

winter nights
clutching hot water bottles
shuffling off to bed

Marie Shimane

fiftieth spring:
early daffodils
still surprise me

John R. Snyder

greening gingko

the temple slowly

André Surridge

orange sunrise
spring carrots
rinsed for market

André Surridge


 spring shower
 a sudden explosion
 on my umbrella   

 Diana Teneva

 still sings

 Anusha Hemamali Tennakoon


 winter vacation
 thesis get fatter
 he too

 Anusha Hemamali Tennakoon

 Sotto la luna
 scorre il fiume tra i pioppi
 via dai pensieri

 Under the Moon
 among the poplars the river runs
 away from my thoughts

 Felice Vinci 

 balcony hoarfrost
 a blackbird leaves
 his visiting card

 Alenka Zorman


 powdery snow
 an old couple wades through it
 towards the sun

 Alenka Zorman