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Haiku Page 1 - Neo Classical

April 2014

   Neo Classical Haiku



            spring cleaning —
            this futile search for
            my lost youth

Gautam Nadkarni



spring cleaning
my vacuum sucks up
pitch black winter blues.

Karin Anderson



falling blossoms
aging into detachment
I pick up my cane

Marie Shimane





 (in no particular order) 


            spring field
            cottony clouds drift
            into nothingness

Shloka Shankar

bloomed magnolia tree
a man lifts his daughter up
to smell a blossom

Priscilla H. Lignori


пролетен дъжд
в изоставената градина
дъга от цветя

spring rain
in the desolate garden
a rainbow of flowers

Hristina Pandjaridis - Bulgaria
Translation Vesisslava Savova 

surviving snowdrop
after the hoof
early spring

Maya Kisyova

spring storm
in his turn-ups

André Surridge

spring wind
my new hat
takes flight

André Surridge

first spring growth
the weeds he said
he dug up

Jeanne Cook


(Haiku of Merit, in alphabetical order)


robin’s first flight
in opposite trees parents
warble puffed breasts

Karin Anderson   

spring rain . . .
a stone from the cairn
worn smooth

Mark E. Brager

neglected park
spring flowers brighter
than graffiti

Sue Burke

One hard frost –
all we have left
of winter

James Roderick Burns

first day of spring...
a sore-eye to remember
approaching the end

Jesus Chameleon

barber’s hedge –
the gardener takes a little
off the top

Susan Constable

twice around
the roundabout
haloed moon

Susan Constable


blues music
with your hand in mine
wolf moon

Jeanne Cook

розова стената
на жълтата къща
цъфнала праскова

pink the wall
of the yellow house
blossoming peach

Iliyana Boiyanova Deleva-Latkovska

(translated by the author and edited by Vessislava Savova)

May breeze
the buzz of loose birch bark
splitting firewood

Ignatius Fay

spring sun
a squadron of starlings
precision flying

 Ignatius Fay

fragrant spring night
I sip ambrosia
forget the gods

Jenny Fraser

Riverside Park
each walker stopping
to smell the same dogwood blossoms

Jay Friedenberg

stuck in traffic
we view cherry blossoms
from the car

Jay Friedenberg

melting snow
pink buds I didn’t see

 John J. Han

rising early
for a concert rehearsal—
spring birds

John J. Han

spring planting--
mule team in rhythm
with the earth’s cycles

Elizabeth Howard

blistering heat--
the earth pants,
puffs of dust rising

Elizabeth Howard

spring flurries
a cedar waxwing
bites a frozen crab apple

Alicia Hilton

spring shower…
on the windscreen
golden wattle petals

Samantha Sirimanne Hyde

spring leaves -
another vacant seat
on the retiree's bench

Arvinder Kaur

peak of spring -
the bees colliding
over the flowers

Arvinder Kaur

bridal dawn—
rose petals leave their colour
on her cheeks

Pranav H Kodial

spring fever
a cuckoo cooing
my heart out

Shrikaanth Krishnamurthy

spring evening
the slate of rooftops
shades the sky

Shrikaanth Krishnamurthy

hitting my head
an acorn reminds me
it's autumn

Joseph M. Kusmiss

in the fall
dry pine needles
rule the road

Joseph M. Kusmiss

wedding bells...
a cloud of plum petals
waltzing in the air

Natalia Kuznetsova

endless winter
the old cat perfects
his way of the lap

Michael Henry Lee


april shower
recounting the morning's dreams
under the covers

Priscilla H. Lignori

nothing avoids it
not even the buried seeds—
touch of the spring sun

Priscilla H. Lignori


hot night
cicadas screech nearby
no sleep for me

Marilyn Linn


shades of winter light
I tune in
to the silence

Chen-ou Liu

a migrant's first winter
in a world of one color
the sound of wind

(after Basho)

Chen-ou Liu

spring breeze . . .
kitten sniffs where catnip
used to grow

CaroleAnn Lovin

spring wind…
the boy cuts a reed
for his bagpipe

Maya Lyubenova

gulmohar in bloom
a wasteful spring
in the forests

Ajaya Mahala

feeding on scat
butterflies don’t notice
my presence

Aju Mukhopadhyay

early dusk
the fisherman hauls in
a net of stars

Gautam Nadkarni

spring parade
ducklings one by one
into the lake

Patricia Prime


balmy spring
the curves of a woman

Patricia Prime


morning fog
how moonlight still shimmers
between pine needles

Terrie Leigh Relf AKA semi


spring storm
how the raccoon holds my gaze
as it climbs

Terrie Leigh Relf AKA semi

swirling fog
the scent of jasmine
guides me home

Terrie Leigh Relf AKA semi

seeing through
a plant's burlap covering
early spring light

Bruce Ross


slow days to spring
clouds part at sunset
for a teasing glimpse

Adelaide B. Shaw

fresh wind–
faded blossoms gather
in the gutter

 Adelaide B. Shaw

sunset on the field
wondering whether or not
the hare will appear

Marie Shimane

spring breeze
sneaked into your hair
entangled me

Igor Shugan

jeweled dragonflies
dart and swoop down by the pond
they cannot be still

Shelley Selle

wandering through
a morning of daffodils
a night of snow

Marie Shimane

under this old tree
cherry blossoms come to rest
his first love’s corsage

Guy Simser

deep autumn
every falling leaf
makes me tremble

Anusha Tennakoon

white moon –
the unforgettable scent
of freshly cut off mint

Diana Teneva