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Haiku Articles

        Not Your Ordinary Saint: Jizô in the Haiku of Issa
        David G. Lanoue

        A Special Selection of WHC Members' Haiku with
        Comments by Susumu Takiguchi

4 Papers from 2002

        WHF2002/BashoJourney/Kamakura-Kyoto Options

        Susumu Takiguchi (UK)

        Ikuyo Yoshimura (JP)

        James W. Hackett (US)

        Daniel Gallimore (UK)

        A Study of Disjunctive Methodology in Contemporary English Haiku
         by Richard Gilbert

        World wide Internet Bush Warble

        James W. Hackett, a note from Susumu Takiguchi

        "A Personal Conclusion"  from That Art Thou: A Way of Haiku
        James W. Hackett A Personal Haiku Selection

Jane Reichhold and Susumu Takiguchi

        The Keynote Speech for WHF2000, London-Oxford Conference                                                  by Ian Codrescu, Romania

       `Life, Love and Poetry of Suzuki Masajo   
        by Susumu Takiguchi

Echoes Over Hills: the haiku of Sugita Hisajo
Debra Woolard Bender (US)
with Eiko Yachimoto (JP)

        sound, image, logic: an approach to haiku translation    
        Daniel Gallimore

  Michael Mcclintock and Susumu Takiguchi

Ernest J Berry

Cor Van Den Heuvel

a series by Bruce Ross 

David G. Lanoue

by Susumu Takiguchi

       Susumu Takiguchi

Susumu Takiguchi, Instructor

by Susumu Takiguchi

Centenary of the Death of Masaoka Shiki (1867-1902)
Symbiotic Hope    New               
Eiko Yachimoto

Judit Vihar  

Yasuomi Koganei

Florence Vilen

Renku and Renku Articles

The First Zip Kasen Renku:
Led by John E. Carley (UK), Editor
& Eiko Yachimoto (JP), Sabiki

John E. Carley

English Translations of Hokku from Matsuo Basho’s Oku no hosomichi
by Mark Jewel

An alternative approach to the Haiku in English
by John E. Carley

Short verse forms

Symbiotic - Linked Tanka and Modern Waka Selections
Debi Bender

Debi Bender

        Deborah P. Kolodji

Debi Bender

Debi Bender



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