BEST TEN FROM ALL THREE CATEGORIES (Neo-classical, Shintai and Vanguard)


In this issue, the usual classification of the above three categories is dropped.




First Place


Winter chill
telephone wire
40 birds wing to wing


Leslie Anders



Second Place


Locked between
my bed and quilt
December chill

R.K.SINGH, India



Third Place


cold breeze

the willow swings

to broken shadows


Alexander Ask, Australia





Seven Honourable Mentions (in no particular order)



darkness breaks

the galah’s cry


Alexander Ask, Australia


He stepped

on the shadow of his boss

at the farewell party


Kai Falkman, Sweden


sudden rain
her umbrella widens
to take her lover in

Victor P. Gendrano, U. S. A.



rush hour
a street evangelist
upbraids traffic


William Hart


coperti d’erba

i corpi dei soldati

sognano fiori

covered by grass

the soldiers’ bodies

dream of flowers


Moussia Fantoli, Italy



earth and water bound-

my freedom is


Aju Mukhopadhyay, India




the dog chews

an old bone


André Surridge






Other Haiku of Merit (Zatsu-ei, in no particular order)


notte d'autunno

entro nel buio e trovo

un altro buio


Autumn night

I go in the darkness and find

another darkness


Shadow, Italy



the sting of tears…


fresh garlic


Linda Pilarski



spreading sunscreen

on face, arms, legs…this year

who will do my back?


Peggy Heinrich, U. S. A.


ceppo nel fuoco

diventano faville

tutti i suoi anni

log in the fire

all its years

become sparks

Moussia Fantoli, Italy



The horizon of the sea

is cut in pieces

by the wing beats of the gull


Kai Falkman, Sweden


frozen morning

the wire fence

barbed with frost


André Surridge



luci di notte

miraggi nel buio di un

deserto urbano



lights in the night

mirages in the darkness

of an urban desert


Haiku Di Brando – Whcitalian


sidewalk frenzy
the homeless boys fight
for a tossed quarter

Victor P. Gendrano, U. S. A.


bright winter morning

I ask the spider to move

before raising the slats


Peggy Heinrich, U. S. A.


the cold moon wanes
a piece of the sky
looms larger

William Sorlien, U. S. A.


kangaroo carcass

a murder of crows

at the crime scene


Alexander Ask, Australia


Along the shady trail
sun splashes browned leaves
to gold.

Jerry Bolick

the morning glares
on the windowsill --
the Koran on the lap


Gerd Boerner, Germany



        after Salvatore Quasimodo



pierce the consciousness

and it's quickly evening


Raffael de Gruttola, U.S.A.


The day’s pasta

erased from the menu

by the shower


Kai Falkman, Sweden


schoolyard jungle
the bullied boy
commits suicide


Victor P. Gendrano, U. S. A.


I swatted the spider
freeing the wasp
and away it flew

Howard Lee Kilby, U. S. A.


winter grasses ~ 
the horizon extends to
the seamless void

Narayanan Raghunathan, India


damp basement

the cricket hides

in my shadow


Bruce Ross, U. S. A.


white christmas
winter waves wash
Hawaii's shoreline




comet's tail--

a moth flies

to distant light


Sherry Weaver Smith, USA


hats and gloves
and scarves and coats
white breath

William Sorlien, U. S. A.


head on one side

the blind girl listens

falling snow


André Surridge