Haiku, March 2009, page 4

World Haiku Review, Volume 7, Issue 1, March 2009

Haiku March 2009, Page 4

Shintai Haiku

First Place

distant hills

even my gaze

turning green

Bogdanka Stojanovsky, Serbia

Second Place

headstone in moonlight

my problems

still keeping you awake

Clare McCotter, N. Ireland

Third Place

Northern lights

glow green tonight

let’s take the long way home

Margot Gallant, Canada

Seven Honourable Mentions

(In no particular order)

snowing snowed in

poems hung on frozen trees the teapot

till next spring sounds alarm

Anna Plesums William Sorlien, USA

a light breeze storm winds

bent tree a sparrow clings

resists no longer to the swaying feeder

Alexander Ask Peggy Heinrich

out of the twining tortured wind

of two smiles, a universe the sharp angles

engulfed us of twisted birch

Dick Pettit Linda Pilarski, Canada

post-divorce date--

rubbing the pale band

on my ring finger

Nora Wood

Other Haiku of Merit

my phone rings chilly morning

late brother’s magpie atop the snowman

birthday reminder feasts on an eye

Alexander Ask Patricia Benedict, Canada

an ant dormiveglia...*

carrying one of the ants chirrup chirrup chirrup

that didn’t make it of the cicadas

Owen Bullock Raffael de Gruttola, USA

*Italian for sleep-walking

it's time to make a trip a cock-pigeon

for my birthplace sweeps the cobblestones

of folklore and flowers regurgitates a titbit

Terry Ishii, USA Hans Jongman, Canada

the new rabbi's wife flaming the earth, sky

takes one step at a time linking the aeons they fly;

Israeli dancing ancient flamingos

Howard Lee Kilby, USA Aju Mukhopadhyay, India

Tale of cherries from a nameless bird wondering

only stars listening how many we've missed. . .

in autumn night northern lights

Rajib Phukan, India Patrick M. Pilarski, Canada

temple pond... a fine garden

his little hand full of in the traffic circle

puffed rice once more around

K. Ramesh, India William Sorlien, USA

Welcoming the sun Fit of sneezes

dew drops on dry leaves– no winter allergy

an epitaph thinking of sex

R.K.Singh, India

total solar eclipse A green ivy -

the clouds hide the sun in the empty house

from our view the only guest.

john tiong chunghoo Antinic Zoran, Serbia

Drying and rising Young gulls

The freshly-washed lettuce leaves Clashing for a bit of crumbs

On the table Also with their shadows

Jadran Zalokar