Haiku, March 2009, page3

World Haiku Review, Volume 7, Issue 1, March 2009

Haiku March 2009, Page 3

Neo Classical Haiku

Other Haiku of Merit

wide open lover's gone ...

my baby-girl's eyes cherry flowers are wrapped

gather the sky in moonlight

Origa, USA

lingering mist into shadow…

the rasping call the sound of sunlight

of a scrub jay on snow

Linda Pilarski, Canada

Red autumn leaf, Hello, snowflake!

do you get dizzy You've come from such a height

when swirling down? to rest on my sleeve.

Zhanna P. Rader, USA

spring wind October wake –

a joy fills my being acorns line

on the mountaintop his grave

_kala, India Kristin Reynolds, USA

winter sunlight . . . the last snow

its high trill on and on with its head still bent

white-winged crossbill each sunflower

Bruce Ross, USA

old hotel Fingering

the elevator's stops and starts my rosary - in a birch grove

enter my dream a lark sings it out

Bruce Ross, USA Riitta Rossilahti

this moonlight! You harvest Moon

each leaf is If I fall into the pond

its mirror. will you catch me?

Djurdja Vukelic Rozic, Croatia

late afternoon– late autumn–

a breeze pushes the heat the sound of the brook

from here to there is cold

lightning flashes– sultry afternoon–

on the way home we speak a street magician

of relativity ignored

jumping contest–

a grasshopper lands

on my shoulder

Adelaide B. Shaw, USA

hot night yesterday

moth shadows a golden ginko--today

cross the fan a blanket of gold

Ann K. Schwader, USA Marie Shimane, Japan

unbearable silence spring shower –

of a winter morn. . . crashed – lingering smile of a man

a sparrow at my window sheltered by my umbrella

Saša Va ic', Serbia

this winter fog... under leaden clouds

I cannot even find so green

yesterday's trees! the winter wheat field

faint summer breeze the winter wind

soft on my chest brings

as the dove's call kindling to my door

Anita Virgil, USA

Christmas Eve - drought relief

the hushed house we place water buckets

full of secrets under the eaves

André Surridge, New Zealand Carmel Lively Westerman

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