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This guide does not tell you to advance to a specific page when you're done with another one (with exception of the Hacking guide). It's all up to you of what you want to do with your Wii.

About - Some more info about common subjects.

LU64+ -- What is so special about these Wii's?

System menu 4.2 -- The biggest homebrew blocking update yet!

System menu 4.3 -- And another homebrew killing update!

D3-2 -- A new kind of Drive that can not read DVDs...

Black Wiis -- Anything special about Wii's with a black color?

Red Wiis -- And what about the Limited edition Red Wii?

Modchips -- This is a softmod guide, but what about HardMods?

Scam Sites -- Why would you pay for stuff that is free?

Downgrading -- Why we don't use it anymore.

Trucha, need it or not? -- Don't do steps you don't need to do!

Updating your softmod -- Softmodded your Wii before? Read this!

Exploits - How everything started.

BannerBomb -- The currently best Exploit to use!

Smash Stack -- An exploit for the U Super Smash Bros Brawl.

Twilight Hack -- The very first exploit to be used.

Indiana Pwns -- A new exploit from Team Twiizers!

Yu-Gi-OWNED!/Vah -- An exploit in Yu-Gi-Oh 5Ds Wheelie Breakers.

Hacking Guide - This is where the real hacking is done. Go from a Virgin Wii to a Fully Hacked one!

Guide start -- The starting page for the normal guide. Contains some extra info.

Trucha Bug -- The trucha bug is essential to run homebrew, so lets restore it! And While we're at it, let's get rid of those useless Stubs as well.

4.3 Guide -- If you have a Wii with system menu 4.3, you need to alter some steps.

cIOS - Installing one of these allows most backup loaders to run.

Waninkokos cIOS (249 and 250) -- All backup loaders use this and it is also supported by quite a few homebrew apps.

Hermes cIOS (202, 222 and 223) -- If you want to use USB loaders, you can increase your compatibility with one of these!

cMIOS - Basically the same as cIOS, but this one is used for GameCube backups only.

System Menu Hacks - Various hacks for the system menu can be found here.

Priiloader -- This application can boot before the system menu, so it is great for brick recovery. On top of that it also has various hacks for the system menu.

Korean extra -- Installation of an extra IOS that is required for the Hackmii installer and HBC.

The Basics -- We start simple by using bannerbomb to install the HBC and Bootmii.

StartPatch -- A great alternative for preloader if you only want the hacks.

Mymenuify (Custom Themes) -- For people that do not like the default white wii theme.

How To Use - Don't know how to use a certain program? Have a read.

The Homebrew Channel (HBC) -- This is what we use to run all homebrew on our Wii's. So lets see how to use it!

BootMii -- This tool has the best brick protection ever. Learn how to create Nand backups and how to restore them.

Any Title Deleter -- This tool can delete almost everything, so be careful!

CrazyIntro -- Replace your health screen and assign button-shortcuts to apps.

DOP-Mii -- This app can do anything related to IOS, Sytem menu and System channels!

FTPii -- Manage your SD card on your computer while its still in the Wii!

HideAndSeek -- Don't want others to find your channels? Hide them and boot them with CrazyIntro.

Homebrew Browser -- Download your apps directly to SD card by using Nintendo WiFi connection.

Loadmii -- A loader for homebrew, just like the HBC.

Mplayer_CE -- Complete Wii Media Center for Wii (for one with a GUI, see WiiMC)

NandClean -- Clean your NAND from Priiloader or other hacks.

Reggie! -- New Super Mario Bros Wii Editor.

Setup - Gettings started with Reggie!

(Basic) usage - How to Build your own levels?

Page 1 - Areas, Zones & Backgrounds: What are they, and how do you use them?

Page 2 - Tiles, Sprites & Layers: The simplest of the simplest, or not really?

Page 3 - Entrances: Creating different kinds of entrances (normal, pipes) and configuring them.

Page 4 - Level Start, MidPoint & Finish: You find them in every level, so you'd better know how to use them.

Playing your levels - How to play the levels after you created them.

Savegame manager -- Manage your save files, homebrew style!

SFS NAND Dumper -- Dump your NAND for SNEEK, Triiforce, ...

SNEEK -- Now you don't even need your real NAND anymore!

♦ Setup -- How to get things working

Preparing a SD/USB: Can your SD card or USB drive handle it?

Getting a NAND Dump: For an emulated NAND, you'll need a NAND to emulate!

Compiling the Source: SNEEK comes in source form. Learn how to get it in a usable form.

Using the Auto-Installer: Alternate method for "Installing" SNEEK.

Convert Wii Games to SNEEK format: SNEEK won't just read .ISO files, you know!

Correct file structure: Are all your files on the correct place?

First time boot -- Problems that occur the first time.

Install HBC to SNEEK -- Installing the HBC without the Installer!

Autobooting SNEEK -- Sick from the BootMii menu?

Removing Priiloader from SNEEK -- Sick from the Priiloader menu?

Custom themes -- Installing a Custom theme on the NAND from your PC

DIOS-MIOS -- The GameCube USB Loader.

Triiforce -- A Virtual console / Wiiware launcher that can make use of NAND emu to load them from SD and USB.

Wad manager -- Install and remove channels and more

WiiLoad -- Send files to your Wii over Wifi, directly into the Homebrew Channel.

WiiMC -- The New even completer Media Center for the Wii!

WiiXplorer -- What files can be found on your SD/USB? This app shows it all.

Backup Launchers - This is what many people want on their Wii's. Backup launchers can load copies of games.

Disc Backup Launchers -- The first generation of backup launchers allowed you to load Wii games that are burned on a disc.

Gecko OS -- Basically just a disc launcher. Can load backups if cIOSCorp is installed.

SoftChip -- High compatibility loader and great alternative for Neogamma.

NeoGamma -- An all-in-one disc loader that has many features and the ability to load from SD/USB as well.

DARKCORP -- Tired of having to launch your disc backup launcher every time to play a game? Load them directly from the disc channel!

USB Loaders -- Backup Launchers that load games of a USB device or SD card

USB Loader GX -- An amazing loader with many functions.

Configurable USB Loader -- A loader which is customizable in almost any way.

Wiiflow -- A very good looking loader based on coverflow.

Loadstructor -- Add shortcut channels directly on your System Menu to play games via USB.

Manage ISO Images -- How to use your ISO image files correctly.

Burning an ISO onto a disc -- How to burn a backup disc.

Dumping a game -- How to use your Wii to dump commercial Wii games.

Extra Setup for USB loading -- What to do with your USB Drive before you can use it.

FAT for Windows -- How to use a FAT drive for USB loading on Windows.

WBFS for Windows -- How to use a WBFS drive for USB loading on Windows.

WBFS for Mac OS-X -- How to use a WBFS drive for USB loading on Mac OS-X.

WBFS Managers -- Add ISO's to your Hard Drive.

Wii Backup Manager -- A Windows program that supports FAT and WBFS drives, as well as ISO, CISO, and WBFS images.

Emulation - Always wanted to play old GBA, NeoGeo and other games? This is what you need.

GX Emulators -- All emulators that have GX in their name function the same.

Wii64 -- This Nintendo 64 emulator finally has a decent speed!

Wii Bricks - Bricked your Wii? The first rule is to stay calm at any time!

Dangerous apps -- Read this to prevent some bricks

Useful Tools - Using these programs on your computer can make everything easier.

Elf to dol converter -- The solution for "this is an invalid wii application".

MetaXMLEditor -- Create and Edit Meta.xml files with ease!

Multigame ISO Creator -- Put multiple GameCube games on one disc!

NUS Downloader -- Always wondered how to get all those IOS and stuff? Legally download the from NUS.

ShowMiiWads -- Easily manage and edit your wads on your computer

ShowMiiNand -- Manage your Emulated NAND

CustomizeMii -- Create and edit wads to make em better than ever!

ForwardMii -- Now you can also create forwarders!

Other Stuff - Anything that does not fit elsewhere comes here.

Glossary -- Many Wii terms are listed and explained here.

Updating your Wii -- Your Wii is not up to date? No problem!

Wii related File Extensions -- Some extensions you'll see when softmodding the Wii.

Revirginze/Update Wii to 4.2 -- Want to get rid of all homebrew? Try this guide!

Fix upside down HBC -- The new homebrew channel versions have some code in it that makes it turn upside down. Fix it with this guide.

System menu differences -- Whats so different between all those versions?

IRC -- Internet Relay Chat

FAQ -- Frequently Asked Questions

►/♦/• = Done

>/♠/○ = Working on it (but parts that are there work)