Mighty Channels

Mighty Channels is the successor of Triiforce MRC, the Graphical version of Triiforce, the VC/WiiWare launcher.

It is not recommended to use this application. Instead, use Nintendont to load your Triiforce games.



<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>

<app version="1">

<name>Mighty Channels</name>








<short_description>USB/SD Channel loader</short_description>

<long_description>Mighty Channels is the successor of Triiforce mrc. The GUI was rewritten from scratch and now it looks better than ever.

Remember: this is only a beta. Most features could be broken.


- New minimalist GUI with images

- Sort games with B button

- Configure games with 1 button

- Downloads channel images automatically from wiitdb.com

- It includes simple but useful NAND management functions

- Custom skin support</long_description>



  • An SD card or USB device formatted to FAT(32).

  • Nand Dump (see Simple FS Dumper).

  • Waninkoko's cIOS rev 17 installed (OR cIOSrev21 with base 36 or 38). Other cIOSs will NOT work.




Computer ----------------------

1. Place your NAND dump in the Root of the SD card or USB device. It should contain these folders:

  • import

  • meta

  • shared1

  • shared2

  • sys

  • ticket

  • title

  • tmp

If you want to add or remove games from this NAND, you can do so now with ShowMiiWads/NAND. You can also use the Wad2NAND method described on the Triiforce page.

2. Download the Mighty Channels beta and extract the mighty_channels folder from the Zip to the Apps folder on the SD card.

Wii ----------------------

3. On your Wii, go to the Homebrew Channel and Load Mighty Channels.

4. In the main menu, you get the choice between Real NAND, SD NAND and USB NAND. Select the location to load games from.

5. On the next screen, choose the game to load (point and press A), then press A again to play!

Loading Images

By default, no images are loaded, making the interface looking a little less good than it could be. You have to manually download the images.

The easiest way is by pressing Home in the game select screen, then selecting "Download images".

If you don't have an Internet connection on the Wii, you must download the images manually from http://wiitdb.com.

Images must be placed in the SD:/config/mighty/channels/ (or USB:/....). Don't rename the images from WiiTDB or it won't work.

Using Meta.XML arguments

The arguments of the Meta.xml for Mighty Channels can be used to determine the IOS slot to use (for cIOS that can be installed in any slot) and to autoboot a certain NAND choice.

The argument to change the IOS slot is --ios=123, where 123 needs to be replaced by the correct slot (Usually 249).

The argument to change the default NAND option is --auto=USB where USB can be replaced by SD if needed.

Arguments are added to the meta.xml like this: