Before you begin

Here is some important information that you should know when you want to softmod your Wii. Be sure to read the entire page!

Is this legal?

YES. Softmodding a Wii is perfectly legal. It is however against Nintendo's Terms of Use (TOU), so it will void your warranty.

Pirating games however IS illegal. This includes downloading games for Emulators and Backup Launchers, as well as installing Virtual Console or WiiWare titles that you don't own.

What are the risks?

There is always a small risk of bricking your Wii (this will render it completely useless).

But do not worry! We have tested our steps over and over again, so there should be minimal risks. Even when something does go wrong, as long as you followed the instructions, you will be fine!

Note that the steps we provide are MUCH easier than e.g. rooting an Android phone or flashing an Xbox.
In fact, the Wii is probably one of the easiest and safest consoles to hack out there.

What will it cost me?
A little of your free time. ;)

What will I need?

  • A Wii (or Wii U in virtual Wii mode)
  • An SD card (SDHC only works for system menu version 4.0 and above, some exploits don't support SDHC at all)
  • A computer that can read SD cards.
  • If you are softmodding a Wii, you don't need any games.
  • If you are softmodding a WiiU (virtual Wii), you need to use a compatible exploit. All of the currently WiiU compatible exploits use a specific game.

Will it work on my Wii?

This guide will work with any type of Wii except the Wii Mini (which lacks an SD card slot).
Note that no other guide works with the Wii Mini either.

The guide is completely compatible with:
  • Modchipped Wiis
  • All colors: White, Black, Red, Blue, Ultraviolet, ....
  • All regions: PAL, NTSC-U, NTSC-J, KOR
  • Already softmodded Wiis
  • New type "Family" Wii (lacks GameCube ports)

Will it work with the WiiU (virtual Wii)?

The main hacking guide includes steps for vWii mode of the WiiU.

However, several homebrew programs are not compatible with the vWii. Be especially careful when installing things:
  • Homebrew Channel: 100% safe
  • cIOS: Follow this guide and it should be safe
  • Priiloader: Don't install, instantly bricks the vWii
  • Channels (WAD files): Double check if they are vWii compatible
  • Custom Themes: Don't install, will brick vWii
Any homebrew that does not install anything should be fine. 

Note: If you do end up bricking the vWii, the WiiU mode will still work. There is currently no way to brick the WiiU mode from vWii.

What will I LOSE?

Functionality wise, the Wii will lose nothing at all. Everything will still work as before it was softmodded. So softmodding will only give you additional functionality.

Something very important you WILL lose is your warranty. This means you will not be able to send it in to Nintendo for free repairs anymore.
Note that there is NO other way. Some sites (usually sites where you have to pay for this) claim that your warranty will remain, but this is not true!

What can I GAIN?

Of course it would be pointless to do this if there was nothing to gain.

Depending on what modifications you do, you can gain:
  • The ability to use dozens of Homebrew Applications
  • The ability to backup your games and play them from a USB device.
  • The ability to play games from other regions (full region free)
  • Turn your Wii in a Media Center (Play Movies, Music and more from USB, SD or DVD*).
  • Custom themes for the System menu.
  • The ability to move your disc channel.
  • Use emulators to play various games from the past.
  • Play game hacks, such as the Brawl mods and texture hacks.
  • And MUCH more!
* DVDs will only work on older Wiis. On more recent Wiis, you can only use SD and/or USB.

Can it be undone?

It is technically possible to undo a softmod. However, the steps to do so are very dangerous and can brick the console quite easily.
That's why we do not provide the steps to do so.

Note that even if you undo the softmod, it will never erase all traces. Nintendo will be able to see the console has been softmodded before.
As a result, you can not regain your warranty, ever.

In conclusion: once it is softmodded, it will always be softmodded.
However, since a softmodded Wii can do everything a normal Wii can, there is no real reason to "unsoftmod" it.

So many pages... What to do first?

The first thing that has to be done with every Wii is the initial softmodding process. It is a very easy process and won't take much of your time. (If you know the process, you can easily do it out of your head in 5 minutes).

In this guide, this initial process is called the Hacking guide. This guide can easily be found in the sidebar and in the site header (after "START HERE ->").

After doing the initial Hacking Guide, you are free to do what you want to do and when you're doing it. If another step is required to complete a page, you will find this information in the Required section on the top of the page.