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SD NAND/ES Emulation Kit

SNEEK allows you to Emulate your complete Wii NAND from a SD Card or USB Device. This can give us several advantages:
  • Way easier to manage the NAND contents: Everything can be edited on a Computer, no need to install anything with the Wii.
  • Safety: Screwed something up? No problem! Anything you have done has NO EFFECT on the actual Wii NAND.
  • Backups/Multiple NANDs: Have as many different NANDs as you want! And every one of them can contain different settings and content (including save files, installed channels, ...)
  • Play games from a USB Drive, through the Disc channel, WITHOUT a backup loader.
  • And Way More!
Official Project page:

Setup - How to set up SNEEK on your Wii.
    ♦ Preparing a SD/USB - Making the SD and USB ready for SNEEK.
    ♦ Getting a NAND dump - The NAND that has to be emulated.
    ♦ Compiling the Source - SNEEK will need to be compiled first, see how to do this here.
    ♦ Using the Auto-Installer - Alternative method for the above step using SNEEKs Auto-Installer.
    ♦ Convert Wii games to SNEEK format - SNEEK doesn't read ISO files, so we need to convert them first.
    ♦ Correct File Structure - Is everything on the correct place?
First time boot - Things that may happen the first time.
Install HBC to SNEEK NAND - Install the HBC to the emulated NAND without Hackmii Installer.
Autobooting SNEEK - Tired of the BootMii screen? Try this!
Removing Priiloader from SNEEK - Priiloader can cause some problems, so here's an easy way to remove it.
Custom Themes - Installing custom themes has never been easier (and safer)!