Once you install a channel on the Wii, there is no way to hide it from other people. So if you don't want people to know what channels you installed, just hide them with this app!


  • An SD card (Best results are with non-SDHC cards, SDHC will only work on 4.0 or above) formatted to FAT(32).

  • A dol file of the app you want the channel from

  • CrazyIntro (as there is no other program that can load hidden channels)



  • Creates a hidden channel. Hidden channels have no banner (so no banner bricks) and cannot be seen in the wii menu.


Computer ----------------------

1. Downloading...

Download the HideandSeek pack and extract it.

2. Run HideandSeek.exe

  • First browse for your dol file. Click the ... button to do so.

  • Then you need to enter a titleID. It is important that you choose an ID that is NOT used by another channel, but not too difficult to remember.

  • You can now do 2 things:

    • Click create to turn the channel into a WAD. You have to install this WAD with the Wad Manager.

    • Click install to send the channel to your Wii (over Wifi). WiiLoad is needed to do this.