Wiimms ISO Tools

Wiimms ISO Tools are a series of powerful command line tools by Wiimm that allow manipulation of WBFS files and other images. Various GUI versions are available. This guide will cover basic usage of the command line tools.

Text like this are commands which should be run in the Cygwin (Windows) or Terminal (Mac/Linux).

This guide will assume you have basic knowledge of using the cygwin/terminal.


1. Download the ISO tools from the download page. Make sure to pick the one for your operating system. Extract the archive to anywhere on your computer.

2. Run the installation script

  • Windows: Run the windows-install.exe file and follow instructions. Reboot your PC afterwards.

  • Mac / Linux: Open a terminal. Navigate to the extracted folder (cd path/to/wit/here) and run the install scipt (./install.sh). You may need to enter your password.

3. You can now access the ISO tools and WBFS tools with the wit and wwt commands, respectively.

Convert ISO to WBFS (and vice versa)

One of the main functions of WIT is to convert files between formats. In order to do so, we use wit copy. This command takes 2 parameters, namely the source ISO and the destination folder.

For example, if our ISO is named New Super Mario Bros.iso, we can use the following commands:

cd path/to/iso/file

wit copy --wbfs "New Super Mario Bros.iso" .

The dot (.) at the end is needed as it specifies the destination directory (here the same directory as the ISO is in). You may alternatively specify an actual path:

wit copy --wbfs "New Super Mario Bros.iso" /home/YourName/Desktop/

The --wbfs switch tells WIT to convert the file to WBFS format. In order to convert a WBFS file back to an ISO, use --iso instead.

After converting the ISO, you can then copy the WBFS file to your USB device or SD card. In order for USB loaders to find your game, it needs to be placed in the correct folder structure:

USB:/wbfs/Name of the game [GameID6]/GameID6.wbfs

The GameID6 is the Unique game ID of the game which can be found with the ID6 command:

wit ID6 "New Super Mario Bros.iso"

The above will output for example "SMNP01" for the PAL version of New Super Mario Bros. So the correct location of this game would be:

USB:/wbfs/New Super Mario Bros. WIi [SMNP01]/SMNP01.wbfs