Before we can get started with Reggie!, we'll need to download some stuff first.


* NSMB Wii disc (or ISO for method 2)

* [Method 1] An SD card (Best results are with non-SDHC cards, SDHC will only work on 4.0 or above) formatted to FAT(32).


* Reggie!:

* [Method 1] Reggie Extractor:

* [Method 2 & 3] Wiiscrubber 1.4:


Step 1 --- Getting Reggie

Computer ----------------------

1. Go to the Site to download Reggie! and Choose your OS under "Download".

2. Create a new folder somewhere (in this Guide simply called "Reggie", which I'll place in C:/ ) and extract the zip you downloaded there.

That's all for getting Reggie. It will not yet work however, since we need to extract some files from our NSMB Wii game first.

Step 2 - Method 1 -- Using the Reggie Dumper

Computer ----------------------

1. Download the Reggie! Dumper and extract the apps folder in the Zip file to the SD card root.

Wii ----------------------

2. Insert your NSMB Wii disc. You have to do this before starting the app.

3. Run the Reggie! Dumper with the HBC. Let it do its thing (it may ask for a Dump method, just choose Minimal Dump).

Computer ----------------------

4. There will be a new "Reggie" folder on the SD card. Rename it to something else (in my case "NSMBW_extracted"), then place it in the Reggie folder.

5. Start Reggie! and browse to the NSMBW_extracted folder. That's it!

Step 2 - Method 2 - Using WiiScrubber - Extracting the whole partition.

Computer ----------------------

1. Download the WiiScrubber pack. You will only need 2 zips from this pack (just delete all the rest):

  • MakeKeyBin1.1.rar

  • WiiScrubber140.rar

Extract these 2 zips in the same folder.

2. Run makeKeyBin.exe.

  • Enter 42 and click Generate.

  • Click OK.

3. Go to your Reggie folder and Create a new folder here called "NSMBW_extracted" (or anything you want).

4. Run WiiScrubber.exe.

  • Click "Load ISO" and browse to your NSMB Wii ISO file. You should see some text in the box now:

    • WII DISC

    • Partition: 0 - Data .....

  • Right click the Partition 0 and go to Unencrypted partition > Extract.

  • Choose the Folder you created in step 3.

  • Wait for it (it takes quite a while).

  • Once done, exit WiiScrubber (it will ask you if you are sure to exit with an error, just press Yes).

  • Now go to your extracted files and you should see some files and some folders. The only thing we need is the "Stage" folder, but we are going to keep the rest too for now.

  • Start Reggie and choose the Stage folder (inside the "NSMBW_extracted" folder) when it asks where to find it.

Using WiiScrubber - One by one extraction

Only use this method to extract individual levels. It will take you WAY too long to extract all needed files this way.

Computer ----------------------

1. Run WiiScrubber.exe.

  • Click "Load ISO" and browse to your NSMB Wii ISO file. You should see some text in the box now:

    • WII DISC

    • Partition: 0 - Data .....

  • Open Partition 0. Go down to the Stage folder and open it.

  • You can now extract all levels you want (Right Click > Extract).

  • Once you're done, place the levels in your Stage folder.

The Stage folder should already contain a "Textures" folder. If that is not the case, you have to use the method above to extract it. You can also extract the Textures 1 by 1, but that will take you very long.