Getting a NAND dump

This page will explain you how to get a NAND backup that works with SNEEK/UNEEK.

Method 1 - Generating using ModMii


  • ModMii for Windows



Computer ----------------------

1. Download ModMii and extract it to your desktop.

2. Click on ModMii.exe and type "I Agree" and hit enter when it opens.

  • Type "S" and hit enter.

  • Type "2" hit enter.

  • Choose the type of SNEEK to install and press Enter.

  • Type "D" for default and press Enter.

3. Choose what region of NAND you would like to have ("U" "E" "J" or "K") and press enter.

4. Choose which System Menu version you would like to have ("4.2" or "4.3") and press enter.

5. Type "D" and press enter (unless you would like to use your own setting.txt in which case either choice will work)

6. Choose whether to download Wii channels:

  • If you choose "Y" it will give you the option of what channels to download

  • If you choose "N" none will be downloaded

7. When done choosing what channels to download, type "Y" and press enter.

~ Downloading a lot of files ~

8. ShowMiiWads will pop up, type "45e" and click OK.

Note: It may look like it crashed, but it didn't, just wait for it to finish.

9. After ModMii is done, your brand new NAND is built and in the ModMii folder on your desktop.

Method 2 - Extracting a Bootmii NAND dump


  • Bootmii NAND.bin

  • ShowMiiWads



Wii ----------------------

1. Dump your Wii NAND with Bootmii.

Computer ----------------------

2. Place the nand.bin in a folder on your desktop

3. Open "ShowMiiWads"

4. Select "Tools" --> "Extract Bootmii Dump" and browse to the nand.bin.

6. Copy all the folders in the nand-extracteda folder over to your SD/USB.