Convert Wii games to SNEEK format

To be able to play your Wii games with SNEEK, you will need to convert them to the correct format first.


  • Wii game in ISO format



Computer ----------------------

1. Download the latest DiscEX by crediar and extract to c:/DiscEX

2. Find a command prompt (Start --> Run --> Type: cmd and press enter).

3. Change the directory to where DiscEX is located by typing:

cd c:/DiscEX

4. Make sure you have a game, example: ssbb.iso in the same folder as /DiscEX and type:

DiscEx ssbb.iso

Hit enter and wait.

5. When complete, copy the folder to where your games will be (see the games section in the correct file structure page).

example: On a FAT32, 32KB clusters, Primary, Active SD/USB.

  • USB:/

    • games

      • SSBB12

        • files

          • (a lot of files....)

        • sys

          • main.dol

          • apploader.img

          • fst.bin

          • boot.bin

          • bi2.bin

        • ticket.bin

        • cert.bin

        • tmd.bin