Using the Auto-Installer

This page is for the people who want to compile SNEEK with the official Auto-Installer. his page is an ALTERNATIVE to the Compiling page.


* Latest SNEEKInstaller by crediar:

* SD/USB which ever you are installing to.


Computer ----------------------

1. Download the latest SNEEKInstaller and extract the contents to your desktop.

2. Make a New Folder on your desktop, call it SNEEKFiles.

3. Open the SNEEKInstaller.

First choose the SNEEK type you want to install on the right side.

  • Click the first "Browse" button and direct it to the SNEEKFiles folder you created.

  • Click "Get Files" next to that "Browse" button on the left.

  • Click the 2nd "Browse" button below the first and direct it to the SNEEKFiles folder you created.

  • Click the "Get Files" next to that button.

4. Under SD device, you can either browse to the same SNEEKFiles folder or you can browse to where your SD is located, your choice.

5. Under USB device (only if you are wanting to install UNEEK or UNEEK+DI), browse to the USB drive you will be using.

6. Under SNEEK setup, click install SNEEK.

7. SNEEK(+DI)/UNEEK(+DI) files can now be found in the SNEEKFiles folder or the SD/USB (depends on where you directed it to using the browse buttons).