Booting SNEEK

Once you have correctly set up SNEEK or UNEEK, we can boot it on our Wii.

The launching procedure is the same as launching BootMii:

  • If you have BootMii installed as boot2, it will automatically be launched when you turn on your wii.

  • If you have BootMii installed as an IOS only, you need to launch the Homebrew Channel, go to the menu and launch BootMii from there.

Possible first time boot problems

The first time SNEEK is booted (with a new Emulated NAND), some "problems" may occur; these problems are:

  • Initial Wii Setup Screen - Not really a problem, you will need to do the initial configuration of your Wii over again. Only happens with ModMii generated NANDs.

  • Black Screen - It is normal that you get a black screen for about 3-5 minutes. Can also occur after the initial Wii Setup.

  • WiiMotes don't connect - Resync them using the Red Resync Buttons

  • Wii Message Board Data is corrupted - Sometimes happens, but nothing to worry about since this is not the actual NAND ;)

Some things about SNEEK not booting at all: